Plug in chime rings on it's own

Why does the plug in chime rings on it’s own? It happens a lot but it is really troubling when it happens at 3am! There is no notification on my phone and nothing is going on outside for it to go off. Please help.

Don’t know, sorry. But artifact #312 why wireless gadgets are suboptimal for anything important if there is a wired alternative.

So why does Wyze sell a sub optimal device without telling people that? So I should use my old doorbell?

Sorry, I thought you were a Wyze support person since I sent the question to them too. I will use my old doorbell

No problem. See if they can fix or replace it for you. I was merely commenting overall - but many people are happy with wireless doorbells. (Wyze is wired for power but communicates wirelessly, as far as I know.)

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They talked about replacing it but I haven’t heard back. But, I have it wired to the old doorbell wires and I cannot get it off the base to take it off the doorbell wiring. I guess they make it that difficult to keep people from stealing it. I don’t want to have to call professional to remove it without damaging the existing wires, that defeats the point of buying an inexpensive Wyze product.