Where did the ringer go?

A few days ago, the doorbell went offline. No real problem, as we would get here in a couple of days (unless it was ripped off the wall!).

It had simply gone into a funk. The app said to power cycle it (I tries reset first out of curiosity, but it stayed orange).

I removed a lead to cut power, and it simply came back.

I tried it, and the ringer didn’t go off (but it did call my phone, as it is supposed to).

And now as I look through the app, there is no trace of the ringer anywhere–not even saying it’s offline!

Is this common? Is there a solution?

Hi @dochawk,
I have personally never had my Chime disappear, but if you go into the Wyze doorbell settings, Then Accessories on the top right there is an Add + button can you click on that and see if you can re-add the chime?

Might be worth pulling the Chime from power and plugging it back in before hand.

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You beat me :slight_smile: . I also have not experienced this, it is not a common issue.

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we’ll try posting again . . . it’s been two days since I could get wyze and a couple of others to load out here.

it was saying something like “voice info download fail” as an error message, without a numeric code.

It continued to do that after a delete &.reinstall.

now it will let me click on a chime tone, and a volume. When I leave the screen, the volume reverts to 0, but the name of the tone usually stays. Even when selecting, though, it won’t play a sound.

Sorry to hear you are still having issues.

What app version are you on and what is your firmware version on the doorbell?

The phone has app 2.29.2 (a3)

The doorbell is on (and says plugin version 2.29.3, whatever that means)

the chime doesn’t appear in its own right on my devices, just as an accessory, and says that it is firmware

uhm, that first number, for the app, sounds like an alpha release, not even beta! But how could I possibly land such a thing?