Ring --> Wyze doorbell Nest power shim question

I am replacing a Ring doorbell with a Wyze doorbell. The Ring installation involves an electrical shim placed in the mechanical doorbell box to ensure power to the Ring while the doorbell is ringing, I think. I have difficulty doing work on ladders, so it would be a significant advantage to me if I did not need to remove this addition to the system when installing the Wyze doorbell. Anybody know more than I do about this issue?

I’m not 100% sure, as I replaced a standard mechanical doorbell, but my guess would be that you will need to remove the ring shim. When replacing a standard doorbell & bypassing the chime, you’re basically making a direct connection between the Wyze doorbell & the transformer, so I have a feeling that added ring device may interfere.

Thanks, will look at it. As I recall it has no active element—it is just a contact strip—in fact, the contact strip didn’t work very well, so I replaced it with regular wire nuts.

Not too much work to just bypass the doorbell, I should be able to do that. The Ring device requires the same power as Wyze, but it also activates the mechanical doorbell.

my understanding is ring uses a battery that gets charged, that’s how the mechanical chime continues to work. Wyze doesn’t have a battery so it depends on the direct connection to the transformer for constant power

I replaced my Ring doorbell with the Wyze doorbell. You will need to remove the Ring electrical shim from your mechanical doorbell box. You will need to install, via included wire nuts, the electrical shim from Wyze on the two wires - there is a video showing this exact installation on the doorbell page.
Wyze supplies a plug in digital chime that pairs with doorbell - set the volume to 1. Mine works fine!

Thanks – I had come to that conclusion but haven’t done the work yet. Part of the issue is that it is cold out there and I know it’ll take some time on the front porch to get the wiring right, and part of it is resisting getting up the ladder to the old chime which is about 8 or 9 feet up.

1890’s house with some of the wiring that old- I have Wyze bulbs running on knob and tube wiring which is 100 years old!

(we’ve remove knob and tube wiring above the ceiling of the second floor per City requirements, but most ceiling lighting on the first two floors and a number of outlets are still on this ancient wiring.)