Wyze Sprinkler Reset - Selling Home - Advice Sought

We plan to sell our home soon and we have the Wyze Sprinkler controller that will stay with it. Any advice on how to best handle the transition?
My main concern is removing my account and resetting the device. But then still needing to find a way to keep watering each week so our lawn doesn’t die while the home is on the market. Can I get it to run autonomously, on a schedule, without setting it up online or having internet?

It can run on a fixed schedule, but you’d have to have an app account connected to set it up. Also, you want to make sure you are running the new beta 1.0.9 because 1.0.8 is known to have issues with NOT running manual schedules.

Setup the fixed schedule, and leave it on your wyze app so you can watch it and make sure it working. Once you sell/kill the internet to the house, remove it from your app. The new owner would have to setup the device under their wyze app account, but in the meantime it should keep running the fixed schedule. Make sure to cancel the yearly subscription if you aren’t getting another.