Sprinkler Controller Questions

I will be away from a Florida house for 5 months and am thinking of replacing my 10-year old sprinkler controller with a Wyze before I leave but have a few questions.

I would like to explore programming the controller before I decide about installing it. Can the controller be connected to AC and programmed without being attached to any other wires?

Initially I will not use smart scheduling. I want to set up watering 8 zones once a week on a particular day for my programmed and backup schedules. Can I remotely skip a week of scheduled watering remotely if I know it has or will rain? If so, how?


It’s relatively easy to program the sprinkler. After setup, you can enable\disable manual and\or smart watering programs. You can setup schedule skips based on wind speed, rain and soil saturation, in any combination, even for manual time based watering schedules. Yes, you schedule to water any day(s) of the week. You can skip scheduled watering or start unscheduled watering anytime using the Wyze app. The short answer is you can do all the of things you asked about, although I’m not sure if you can program the controller without connecting the valves to the controller. So far mine has worked great. I hope this helped, good luck!