Sprinkler Controller skip next several schedules

I recently purchased and installed a WYZE Sprinkler Controller, then downloaded the app and set the system up. It’s been raining here for some time so, I want to either turn the system off for a while, or skip the next several watering schedules in a row. Unfortunately the WYZE app will not allow me to do either of those things. It only allows me to skip the very next upcoming watering schedule. I called WYZE support to ask about this and they told me that the only way to turn the system off or skip several watering schedules in a row would be to purchase a subscription. Please tell me that’s not true.

I understand the concept of premium features, but being able to simply turn a system off for a while is NOT a premium feature. That is a basic control function that should be included with the app and / or the purchase of the controller. It would be nice to go to the calendar and skip whichever days I wanted instead of only the next upcoming, but either way to stop wasting water for a while would be acceptable.

So, my questions:
#1. Is there a way to skip, turn off, or disable a watering schedule until I choose to turn it back on?
#2. If the answer above is no, then is there any chance of getting the app upgraded to facilitate that?

Thank you!!

[Mod Edit] Title changed for clarity.

So i found a way to turn off the sprinkler system that no one suggested. Simply disable the shedule. Just in case anyone else wants to stop watering for an extended period.