Wyze Sprinkler Controller Plus App

Anyone having issues with schedule programing using the sprinkler plus app? I have been trying to create schedules but the schedules created will not work.

All of mine work as expected. What issues are you experiencing?

Having issues with schedules. I set schedules to turn on and off at certain time/day and they do not come on at the scheduled time. I must be doing something incorrectly. The manual process works just fine. What am I doing incorrectly? I have 5 zones and want to water 15 minutes per zones 3-4 times a week. I have a morning schedule and a late evening schedule,

When it does not come on, you should check the main page of the sprinkler controller in the app and see if it notated that it skipped the watering. If you have for example it set to skip based on saturation it will not run these schedules but will do so if you trigger it manually. My guess is its the controller skipping it for whatever reason.

You could even make a random schedule to run within the next couple of minutes and see at the bottom of the app page whether it will run it or not. If it doesn’t it typically tells you why it skipped it when you click that scheduled watering.

Otherwise on the main sprinkler controller page, in the top right next to the gear icon there is a calendar icon. From there you can see past activity and any skips that applied to those.