Wyze Sprinkler Controller Questions

A couple of questions regarding my new Wyze sprinkler controller:

  1. I have 8 zones and want 7 of them to water every day but I want 1 zone to only water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have created 2 schedules. A “daily” schedule with 7 zones and a “Mon-Wed-Fri” schedule with 1 zone. Here’s my question: If you have 2 schedules that will both run on the same day (Monday, in my example), does it complete one schedule before it starts the other? Or do I have to figure out the number of minutes in the first schedule and make sure that I don’t start the second schedule until that many minutes later? For example, if I have my “Daily” schedule starting at 4:00 AM and it takes 3 hours for the 7 zones in that schedule to complete, then I would have to set the “Mon-Wed-Fri” schedule to start at 7:00 AM, since my water flow/pressure won’t run 2 zones at the same time.

2: This morning it was extremely windy and I expected that it would do a wind skip, but instead it completed the first 6 zones but didn’t run the last 2 zones (I haven’t split out that one zone that I talk about in #1 above yet). Does it do a “wind skip” check before it decides whether or not to run a schedule? Or does it do the “wind skip” check before starting each zone?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.