Single Sprinkler Zones

Allow the option to schedule zones individually. If you need to run a single (or a couple of) zones, you do not currently allow that; you have to run ALL zones for every schedule.

This could be accomplished easily by either allowing the user to select the zones to run, or by allowing the user to set zones to zero minutes.

I don’t want to waste water and damage plants

Can you be more specific about what type of schedule you are attempting to set? Fixed or Smart? I have both implemented and both allowed me to control as few or as many zones as I want.

I have been unimpressed with the “smart” aspects of the Wyze, but if I can set up individual zones in ANY way (fixed is preferred) I will take it. I was told by three different Wyze support techs that it cannot be done, so I am interested in your wizard knowledge. In the simplest form, I want to be able to run only one or two zones, not all zones at times other than when all zones are needed. Example:

I want to run zone 5 at 6:15 am on every Tuesday.

I want to run zones 3 and 8 every day at 5 am, noon, and 7pm

All I can figure out now is to run all unwanted zones for 1 minute (minimum allowed) at those times I need just specific zones.

Thanks for your help

The Smart schedule certainly did not impress me either at first but I do believe it has a lot to do with the numerous settings in the controller. There are settings for soil type, crop type, sprinkler GPM, etc. So all in all you’d have to play around with those to act the way you want it to, for it to then learn and do the smart thing from there.

As far as the fixed schedules go here is how you can set your schedules;

  • on the main controller page, click the top right settings cog wheel
  • Click on schedules in the list of settings
  • Click on create schedule and it should pop up with a option for fixed or smart, select fixed
  • Name it
  • Second entry field is zones and durations, click that. Mine now pops up with all my zones selected already. If I wish to remove one of them I just hit the red stop icon thats in front of the zone name. This then moves them to the bottom of window under More Zones. From there I can otherwise also choose or add back the zones that are available and not yet selected.
  • Once you have selected all the zones you can then set the duration would run in that schedule and hit save. It will close that window and go back to the fixed schedule settings.
  • Next click on Days and select Tuesday in your case
  • Next click on Start At and set your 615AM time
  • Make sure the date range is not selected if you dont wish to use it
  • select all the skips you wish to use and/or the cycle/soak option.
  • Hit save and thats it.

You can make numerous schedules to your liking so that you can cover the zone 3 & 8 needs. You would make a schedule for each time instance. One schedule to run whatever zones/duration at 615AM on Tuesdays, another schedule to run zones 3 & 8 at 5AM at whatever duration. Another schedule to run zones 3 & 8 at noon at whatever duration. Another schedule to run zone W & Y & B at sunrise for X minutes, etc

Once you are done with all your schedules you can head back to the main page of the controller. In the top right, next to the settings cog wheel there is a calendar icon. If you click that it will show you blue dots on days that have an active schedule. You can click on a day and review all the schedules that would run that day. Also if there ever are any skips it will have grey dots. From there it will show you what zones got skipped and why.

Let met know if that helps

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! It is very kind of you.

I previously tried what you suggested (many times) and I got no response from the red stop icon, but today I did (joyous celebration ensued)!

Strange? I don’t know how long you have been able to do this, or if you are using Android or iOS, but this is new for me. I could not find the change log for Android, but I did see that my phone updated the Wyze app last night to the latest version which was published 26 July 2021. I don’t know if there was a bug, or this is a new feature, but I would have thought the Wyze Wizards would have been aware of it. Below is a copy and paste of the response from the third Wizard who I was escalated to regarding this issue (and how I ended up making a wish):

"Thanks for contacting the Wyze Wizards Team. My name is Lindy and I understand that you would like to set up your sprinkler zone schedule to have a different rule for each day. I’d be glad to explain.

Unfortunately, as of this time, the sprinkler controller doesn’t have that feature yet but we have a Wishlist section of our forums where you can submit feature requests like this directly to our product team. They might consider adding that to the next future updates."

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

I was not part of the beta testers for this product but did get it very early after it became available. For me, using Android, this has always been an option already. I think some of the options populate differently once you’ve made previous selections. For example after I’ve made a schedule that included zone 1, any subsequent schedules that called for zone 1 by default started with the same duration. Can still change it but there does seem to be some cache/carryover of data within the settings. Regardless, happy that its working for you now!

I think there might be a (very convoluted) miscommunication here. To me it seems that Lindy interpreted your request as to have a single schedule with different rules by the day. So for example your 615AM schedule, lets call that Schedule 1. I think your question was interpreted as “can Schedule 1 do XYZ on Monday, but that same Schedule 1 also do QWV on Tuesday”. Which is not possible and hence you got the stated reply. Schedule 1 can only have one set of rules (interval, time, zones, duration, etc) but those cannot change dynamically based on another variable like the day. Just a thought on why you got the reply that you did.