Sprinkler Programming

I received my Wyze Sprinkler. My big questions is, ow the heck doyou set it up to run different times through out the day?

During setup, it should ask how many zones and type of zones. I thought it also prompted you to set up a schedule. If not, you can setup a schedule in settings.

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can you set multiple schedules on teh same day? fo example 7 am, 20 minutes, then 7 pm 20 minutes


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Thank you so much. I’m gonna give that a try. do you know if there is any manual, online on how to do this? i appreciate your help, because support from Wyze is nonexistant.

No, unfortunately there really is no manual. I was a tester so I’ve had some time to play with

I just did it, thank you again for your help

No problem!

There doesn’t seem to be a way to set multiple schedules for just some zones.

I live in the desert and do most of my watering at night - but have one zone that NEEDS to run an additional time mid-day. But that zone also needs to run during the normal schedule.

But if I select that zone in a section schedule it says “That zone is already in a different automatic schedule”

I also see in the screen shots you have “All zones” selected…but I don’t have that option. Even if I click the “All zones” link to select them all in a schedule it still just displays the number of zones that were selected. Not that I want all zones to run in both schedules.

Basically I want one schedule that runs at 2AM each night for all zones. And then an additional schedule that runs at 2PM every day for just one zone (which is also included in the 2AM schedule.)

Weird, I was able to edit one of the schedules for just 1 zone

Looks like it’s the smart schedules. If I delete the smart schedule then I can do it. But if I create a smart schedule it won’t let zones in the smart schedule be in any other schedule or allow for a zone to run at two times of day.

So I can either not use smart schedules - which…is kind of lame and sort of defeats the point of a smart controller. Or I can stick with the smart schedule and watch my little patch of grass die in the summer if it doesn’t get it’s midday watering…or watch my water usage for everything else go up if I have to run it all mid-day.

I suppose I can stick with the smart schedule and manually run them mid-day…but again kind of defeats the point.

I have another question. At my last house I had a Rachio sprinkler. And that one would notify you when the cycle started and when it ended. I see the wyze has a notification as well. I’ve selected it but I don’t get any notification. Is there a trick to it?


Ken, Thanks! I’ve had a similar issue trying to water in Las Vegas twice a day. Not sure on how Sunset and Sunrise would work. So for now I’m going with fixed schedule 20 minutes twice a day.

Are you able to turn off or diable zones? For example only water zone 1 and 5 and disabled 2,3,4?

Yes, disabling zones is easy. I actually have 2 that are disabled because I don’t currently have anything planted where they are.