Wyze Sprinkler controllers

Very unhappy customer.

These controller have a lot of potential but they are buggy and sensitive. I have now purchased 5 of them and going to throw them in garbage because of the waste of time they have caused.
I have had 3 power supplies burn out. Two units stop working. Now the third no linger works on three stations. There is no real support for these products other than community and “bots” so why waste time. If they worked correctly they would be the best product on the market with application driven scheduling and remote operation.

Obivously I really invested in these units, but now it has become too much trouble to chase.

Just to make sure it is not my solenoids or valves, i switched back and forth between my old Rainbird system of 16 station this unit and no problems with the rainbird. So, enough time wasted chasing these problems.

Going back to multiple rainbird controllers with limited flexibility. But reliable. Do not need dead plants and grass because the controller wont do its job.