Wyze Smart vs Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A?

Why the big difference in price? $13 difference for (basically the same) 4 plugs?


Not sure why the prices are so different. I use both Wyze and Kasa. I like the integration of the plugs with the Wyze app and it used to be a better price on the Wyze plugs.

Kasa plugs work well and also continue to work, even if they can’t communicate with the internet. Both work with Alexa app. Kasa also has things Wyze is missing: smart receptacles, wall switches and the like.


Me too. I like that the Wyze plugs are in the app. But I only put the Wyze plugs on Wyze cam adapters so its easy to off/on power to recycle offline cameras.

Otherwise, I have been using Sonoff and Yolink in-wall switches, wifi smart switches, hubs, RF433, Zigbee switches and sensors. Been moving away from all Wyze V1 and not using V2 sense.

I used Zigbee for radios when I was in the Army working on a next gen program