Smart plug feature

I’m currently using both Wyze and Kasa smart plugs. Wyze has a great feature allowing you to see the history of on-off.
Haven’t found that feature in the Kasa app. Does anyone have any idea has how to track the on- off in the Kasa smart plugs like you can with the Wyze ?

Sorry if this sounds a bit flippant, isn’t that a question for TP-Link Kasa? After all, you aren’t asking about a Wyze product in this, a Wyze Forum.

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Wild Bill, your response to my post seems quite legitimate on one level.
However, there have been numerous posts on this forum, discussing the pluses and minuses of wyze smart plugs compared to others. I currently own both Wyze and Kasa smart plugs.
The answer to the question I’ve posted may very well determine which way I go in the end (Wyze or Kasa). If that’s inappropriate well then I guess this discussion can end right here.

Not inappropriate, just that you might get a better, quicker answer from Kasa since it is their product.

Just checked my Kasa plugs and this is all I can find: