Wyze smart photo frame

I wyze smart photo frame that can maybe link with amazon pictures or other stuff, local sd and maybe even still pictures from wyze cam or doorbell.

Yes please! I had the same thought. I was looking at the currently available digital photo frames on the market and most are expensive for what you get. Literally you can buy a 32" 4k smart tv for less than the cost a decent 10" digital photo frame. Seems like the perfect addition to wyze’s lineup with amazing price points.
Part of my wish list for it would be ambiant light sensor to make the image look like a legit photo and not a back-lit display (I have a Google home display (the original, before nest) and it looks good no matter what the lighting is, you can see it adjust as lighting changes as well.) But I would like something that is just displays photos (connected to the internet to load stuff automatically and from far away), don’t need the assistant stuff.

But could be nice to have it link with assistant to say slideshow or reference folders say show kids pictures stuff like that.

Maybe have it link with amazon photos or other cloud services too stream pictures, in addition to local storage.