WYZE GLASSES: Next STEP in security surveillance

A home-based or elsewhere located camera is great. Security threats however pervade across space and time. WYZE LENZ could do more than just take your capturing aperture into your daily travels. New affordable transparent OLED displays allow real time night vision DIRECTLY THROUGH AUGMENTED REALITY. This is a game changer and is the next wave of tech. Welcome to the future.

Nice idea, but remember that Wyze doesn’t have Google or NASA’s budget :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea except like TheSecurityGuy said Wyze probably can’t do that until thy start releasing more products and become a big company.

Wyze Glasses? I did a quick search, but didn’t find. Are there any plans for Wyze glasses? There’s a big opportunity to take a piece of this market.

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Found this thread, because I am so very disappointed with my Echo Frames, I was selected to be a Gen1 tester, then ordered the Gen2’s at a highly discounted price. The battery is horrible, but I do like the idea of smart glasses… Let’s take them past the assistant offering WYZE. AR with HUD is the key, not just a voice assistant. This is the kind of disruption needed in the market place and I am not even thinking security… I want in your face data, directions, presentations, video… leave the gaming to Steam and Facebook. Dig the name @vegancashmere WYZE LENZ sticks.

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I have been very impressed with the V3 Camera, especially in night mode. The 4 small IR emitters do a good job of illuminating a dark space. The camera is very inexpensive meaning it could be reconfigured to sit in a head mounted holder with a viewing display to sit in front of the face for viewing. Hardwired to the display would eliminate the need for a wireless communication to the display. Cheap IR devices currently run about $200 and up.

After stumbling around in the dark barely able to see my hand in front of my face, I thought of getting my camera, setting my cell phone up as a hot spot, and using a USB charging device to power the camera so I could use that to see with.

You could use this to move better in dark spaces while investigating a camera event, humans sneaking around on your property, see wildlife near your location better, etc.

Wondering if anyone else thinks this might be a cool consumer device that they would buy?

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Well, they already have a camera with IR emitting LED’s, just need to mate that up with a display and helmet to keep the perspective similar to what you are viewing so you don’t trip over the stuff on the display. Cheap as an elastic headband to hold the camera and battery, or as expensive as a helmet mount for it.