Infrared (IR) LED Bulbs

Hoping Wyze could make a infrared bulb. Since the only brand that makes it is Lifx and they charge $80 CAD per bulb!

Have a Wyze v2 peering behind the window. And a pair of enclosed gate lights. IR bulbs would totally help at night. Would love if you guys are able to make a cheaper alternative to Lifx! Doesn’t need RGB colors, just 2700k and IR built-in

In the mean time, if you search on Amazon, there are several IR emitters for under $30, including some in bulb form:

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Thanks. Didn’t know that. Prefer if Wyze could make one, that way it would be seamlessy integrated into the app itself.

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I have a few LIFX+ bulbs setup around my home in certain rooms. At night when I turn off all the lights I am able to see the room clearly even when the LIFX+ bulb is turned off. It dramatically improves the night vision of my wyze cameras with infrared light.

I would also love to see wyze create this bulb in A19/BR30.

I am surprised that this has not gotten many votes yet, this is a great security feature for the night.

Taking a page from LIFX’s innovation, having IR diodes in new smart colour (yes, I’m Canadian!) bulbs would improve night vision for cameras in the respective area.

It would also ensure that Wyze gains an upper-hand in the market with innovative lighting solutions.

The way LIFX integrated it in their bulbs is that when they’re turned off, they go into “night mode” and the IR lights turn on, providing a wavelength of light that is only visible to certain cameras.

It would be great to have a ring of infrared lights built into the bulb and the infrared would stay on even with the light “off”. This would be similar to LIFX+ bulbs. the infrared could then help cameras by illuminating an area by the bulb.

IR is reflected by glass but since the dome on the bulb is plastic it should help disperse the IR better.