Wyze Cam Pan looking out window into total darkness

I know an outdoor WyzeGuy Cam is in the works, but after trying my Wyze Cam Pan looking out a window at the hillside by our cabin at night, the IR light glow/reflection against the glass does defeat the idea. (Idea is to use the motion alerts to capture snippets of critters - hopefully bears - if/when they cruise by.)
From what I’ve gleaned in these forums, the Pan can have its IR light and Night Vision both turned off via software, but with total Yosemite darkness out there at night, I’m sure Pan won’t see any movement even if there is some. Yosemite bears are smart, but they don’t yet carry flashlights!
Saw somewhere someone saying black electrician tape over the IR light results in very dark images and can sense motion still, but I’d think that would have to be where there is some bit of ambient light. So… may work when a good sized moon is up?
My question is: Is Night Vision actually happening only because the IR Light is on? Some post implies they are not linked…

Welcome to the community, @richapple. I found this on the Wyze support site. There are several useful articles there. :slight_smile:

From reading the forums, most people turn off the IR leds in the settings for the camera and use an external IR or visual light source outside the window.


Welcome @richapple !!!

To expand on what wayneluke said: you can turn the ir lights off and keep the night vision on, this will still use any ambient light available - from the live stream screen in the app, click on the “gear” icon in the upper right, then click on “advanced settings”, then toggle off “night vision IR lights”

Here is a thread dealing with external IR sources, it looks like users have been getting good results:

This sounds like the best for your scenario of catching wildlife - and please share any fun footage you get of bears or their friends :upside_down_face:


You could put a motion activated light outside like this and turn off your IR lights on the camera. Check out the video
Also you could use Mr Beams lights , I have a couple Mr Beams lights and like them

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Thanks for lots of good info, all. Reading the articles pointed to by DreadPirateRush (have been looking forward to writing that!) I think I will give it a go again tonight (still a pretty good moon out) with the IR Lights off (IR Emission set to off in Advanced Settings), as also shown-how by Steve####…
WayneLuke and others mentioning the idea of InfraRed lights outside got me looking at how rude this might be for critters (and perhaps convincing them to stay clear of our hillside), but looks like fish and frogs can see infrared but don’t so much hang out on that hillside, so no problemo. “Blood sucking insects” also can see infrared, but we can only hope to annoy them a trickle of the amount of annoyance they have caused us! (As backpackers in the Sierras…)
Could be the outdoor Wyze is up and running (and panning?) by the time I’ll be able to get to getting power for outside InfraRed lights. They do not shine through glass, apparently, so would have to be outside… There is “Near InfraRed” wavelength light that does shine through glass (so can get power indoors), but any of them seem to be more of a therapy thing, so likely aren’t so much about Infra-Illuminating a good area. (“Infra-Illuminating” - feel free to use, but yes I made that up.)
And of course, steve4335, I’ll share anything good I get.
In the meantime, here is a bear from July about 7 miles up from the cabin on a backpacking trip. Later that day we had hiked high enough to enter the Blood Sucking Insects altitude (mosquitoes) and had a couple days of that hell. If only I’d had an infrared light to shine into their evil little eyes!!


Turn the IR off and leave the night vision on. Sees good in moon light

Glad those were helpful. :slight_smile:

I use an external IR illuminator triggered off a photocell and leave the IR off on one of my cameras that looks out a window. The camera;s that I could put outside just use the built in IR and its not bad.