Infra Red though glass

Does anyone knowhow make the camera work at night using the infra red feature on the cameras to work through glass at night. It works great during the day but not at night. Any Firm ware updates planned?

You can turn off the camera’s IR lights in settings, but leave night vision engaged. Then it is just a matter of turning on an outdoor light, or get an outdoor IR illuminator. Even without an outdoor light it will be better than if night vision is turned off.


Thanks. There are two settings. I had Night Vision Mode off and Night Vision IR Lights on. So you are saying to do the opposite- turn Night Vision Mode auto and turn off Night Visions IR lights off? I will try that tonight.

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I agree with @Newshound… you should get an outdoor infrared light

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FWIW I have one v2 cam looking out a window into a dimly lit yard (single 40W bulb on the porch) with IR lights off. With Night Mode off all I see is solid black, not a single defining feature is visible. With Night Mode on I can make out the outline of some flower beds and a couple trees.

So while using Night Mode with no IR isn’t great, it’s still much better than doing without Night Mode. However as @Newshound said, if you really want to take advantage of Night Mode through glass you’ll need an IR floodlight outside to illuminate the area.

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There are many IR illuminators available on Amazon. If you get one, make sure you get the proper wavelength for the type of Wyze Cam you are using. Wyze Cam V2 uses 850nm and Wyze Cam Pan uses 940nm IR.

This is the illuminator I’m using with my V2s:

Correct: do the reverse: Night Vision IR Lights = OFF, Night Vision Mode = AUTO (or ON).

Glass is extremely reflective of IR light. If the night vision lights are on, you will get nothing but an extreme flair of IR light reflected back to the camera by the glass.

What are you using for a power adapter?

Don Brozick

I’m certainly not an expert on this, but I think there was a post here a few months back relating to the IRs on the cams. I believe it was stated that either type of external IR will work with both cams. The cams will pick up 850nm or 940nm. Wyze chose different IR lights for the v2 and Pan based on the visibility of the IRs when the camera is looked at in the dark/ or low light situations. I think the Pan IRs are less visible than the V2 IRs when illuminated.