Stretching Wyze night vision capabilities?

Ok I’ve watched Wyze grow and expand their product line since the beginning. I would like to suggest a new fun and useful addition that would tie in nicely with the philosophy and be a challenge for new Wyze technology.
There is a HUGE market for quality night vision apparatus be it headgear, binoculars or just a simple monocular. The retail offerings today are either VERY expensive or marginally useful digitized screen images. I would like to challenge the Wize group to make a quality pair of 8x50 night vision binoculars for less than $200!!

What do you say?

Okay, I personally would find that positively delightful. You’ve got my vote! :smiley:


It would also include direct link to smartphone or tablet

Ok WyzeGwendolyn - still waiting for the previously suggested and upvoted Wyze night vision binoculars :man_shrugging:t3::+1:

We’ve seen a few new products introduced since it was first suggested so how about going ahead on this “get back to smart stuff” really handy and probably super useful defense tool during this crazy messed up social / political environment?!! Seems logical to me that being able to see potential danger in real time under total darkness qualifies as a smart thing to have when you travel or go on any type of prolonged outing.

( not to mention catching a glimpse of the nocturnal critters in the neighborhood )

Great idea! Binoculars or a monocular would be awesome! I might prefer the monocular due to it being smaller.

Your new Wyze cam v3 is an awesome camera and Wyze should use the same technology to make a night scope with Bluetooth connection.

It would be nice to connect it to my helmet as a night vision scope or daytime camera.

Night Vision Goggles

Your starlight tech in the wyze cam v3 works amazing. And in such a small package. If your team were to design a small, compact and lightweight set of goggles that features your starlight tech, with an IR on off option, wyze would compete with the best of the best out there. I would volunteer to be a product tester if this was ever done. WYZE Nightvision Goggles.

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