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I thought I’d share this message I sent to my kids (grown) about a CNET article published yesterday.

You guys really need to read this! I truly have become a Wyze fanboy and this article will confirm why. I smiled as read TP-link replies saying it’s worth spending 10 time more because of the extra features they have… funny thing is Wyze has most of them also! If you get a few of their products I would be happy to show you how I use them and a few tricks I have learned. I have also ordered some non Wyze sensors from Adafruit and combined with Arduino and Raspberry Pi the sky is the limit on what I hope to do at the xxxxxxx house! (Note: A retirement home we are building shortly)

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Thanks for sharing! I did see the article but had not had a chance to read it until now. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s NOT a SECURITY camera, it’s a SURVEILLANCE camera.

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Smart camera

I don’t think anyone in the security field would mistake a Wyze camera for a security camera. The news story actually does draw that distinction (poorly). They refer to it as both. But security professionals know the difference.