Looking for Wyze to set the record straight about their cams

@WyzeGwendolyn, there have been a ton of articles floating around where Wyze obviously gave sites to review.

Lots of these sites claim that Wyzecams are security cams, yet, Wyze hasn’t gotten back to any of the site telling them that Wyze is not a security company and the Wyzecam is not meant for security uses to correct the articles.

Can we finally get some official word on why these review articles aren’t being corrected, and why isn’t there a FAQ about this issue?

Wyze should set the record straight, are you or are you not trying to sell the WyzeCam as a security product? Is Wyze a security company, or not?

BTW, I don’t need community feedback from the mods, I know what they are going to say, that Wyze is not a security company, and Wyzecam is not a security cam, BUT, looking for official word from WYZE, and add a FAQ item stating such to prevent all the confusion about this.

These are great cams, but, they were not designed for security.

Just out of curiosity what company anywhere publishes what their product is not? Generally if a company makes a claim that’s one thing, but if a third party reviewer makes a claim that does not put an onus on the company to correct it.

Plus whose definition are you going to use to decide if a product does or does not meet the definition of a product category?

I personally would not consider a Wyze cam as they exist today to be a security device. But my neighbor might? As far as I know for the purposes of this discussion there is no legal standard. There are a number of conflicting industry definitions, then there are DOD standards, and let’s not forget NRC standards for “security” cameras.

So since nowhere in their advertising or product literature does Wyze call their product a “security” camera. I would say that answers your question as to what their stand is. What CNET or You, or I call it does not matter, nor do our opinions, published or not, place any burden on Wyze.

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They are on the record in the Terms of Service:

“The products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services (such as a burglar alarm or monitoring system). Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses. Please read the disclosures about this in sections 3.B and 3.C below as you are acknowledging and accepting them.”


Thanks Newshound, I always forget the TOS but I knew they had said it explicitly somewhere.

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Wyze members in the past have indeed said that they are not a security company and their cam should not be used for “important” matters.

As I said, just looking for a official statement on the matter.

@Newshound, yeah, but that is buried and difficult to find. I was hoping they would just make it more clear in the forums, and on their FAQ.

I just gave you an official statement (the TOS), and this has been discussed many times in the forum.



The record is straight. People just neglect to read TOS agreement. As the saying goes…don’t believe everything you read. Me personally, I thought the CNET article was very inaccurate and poorly researched. The Wyze TOS is a very official statement.


I understand, as @Newshound pointed out their Terms Of Service are very clear that they do not consider their products to be “security” devices. Hopefully that clears up any lingering doubt or worries you may have.


Just to be clear a TOS document is considered legally binding and an “official” document whereas a statement on their website or a FAQ would generally not be considered as such.

Does seem counterintuitive does it not? But that’s they way of the world.

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Right, and I did forget about that before, I was just hoping someone from Wyze would be more clear on here & a FAQ entry, since the TOS is hard to find/read,

You agree to the TOS when you use your first camera.

Gotcha, well who knows, perhaps they will. To be honest I have not got a clue as to what the legal and marketing decisions behind such a thing would be.



Maybe just playing semantic games here, but when I discuss Wyze products with friends I refer to them as “monitoring” devices rather than “security”. If the ability to monitor your home or business also gives you a sense of security that’s great.

I certainly feel better when I can open the Wyze app and see that all my doors and windows are closed and no motion has been detected around the perimeter. If I can’t access the app or a number of devices are offline I definitely don’t feel that same reassurance, but I’m depending on other security measures to keep my home safe (locks, lights, audible alarm, carefully-placed Legos… :smile: )


Place these on your front door and windows if you want an extra measure of security. :grinning:

Extra Security


I imagine the TOS “this is not a security camera” thing is there largely to protect the company against any claims arising from break-ins etc. As far as I’m concerned, in everyday English usage, it is a security camera in that it assists in ensuring the security of my home. It doesn’t guarantee it, though.

Legos are against the Geneva Convention. Shoot me, blow me up, but my goodness legos??? What kind of monster are you!?

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It is also there because they know it is not a security cam, it is missing key features to be a security cam. I agree with the OP it is hard to find in the TOS but that is the area it needs to be in because that is the legal document. Also the OP says he wants to hear from the company because he knows what the mods will say, while the mods are not employees they are told not to give out misinformation which is why you see them correct people when they call them security cams.

Although this is the line just a paragraph above it:

“Please take note of a few things about the Agreement that we want to point out to you up front:”

The true reason it is hard to find in the TOS is because no one reads it, well maybe some do , but most do not

Well, it is available before & after you buy the camera, and you do get it to read as soon as you load the app. I mean we can’t put it in every other post in order to make sure people who refuse tp read it trip over it time and time again. It’s out there in an official document now, one you are asked to confirm you read.