I would really like to buy some Wyze equipment

I would really LOVE to purchase several V3 cams, the alarm panel, 2 robot vacuums, 2 doorbells, 2 locks, a thermostat, a bunch of bulbs, and several plugs, but it really just seems like Wyze doesn’t give a crap about its customers. Almost as many upvotes on the feature to be able to view Wyze cameras in the web browser, as the next 3 feature requests. It’s also one of the oldest asks out there and yet it’s been almost a YEAR since they even mentioned it. It should also be the simplest thing in the world for a bunch of software developers to do. I mean, most companies these days launch web enabled day 1, you could think after this many years they could figure it out. The DAY Wyze has the ability to view MULTIPLE cameras in a web browser, i’ll probably drop $750 at least in their store, but until then, not a dime. And think of how many more people have my same opinion. How many people are willing to pay more for a product just because of one simple stupid easy to implement feature. I’m willing to bet the answer is a lot.

I previously used 2 different brands of cameras offering the web browser interface online. Their online services sucked so bad when I actually needed to use them that I threw the cameras in the trash instead of trying to sell them on Craigslist.

So because some companies can’t make a good web based product, nobody can? Your point is completely irrelevant to my point. So much so that I can’t figure out why you even bothered to type it out. That’s like saying the Ford Pinto was a bad car that sometimes exploded so everyone should just stop making cars.

you did realize this is something that is currently being looked into right? it is marked #researching

some of the issues with an “easy” or as you so succinctly put it “simplest” roll out of a website, especially one that gives access to cameras and devices such as the Wyze doorlock inside a private residence is encryption and security on top of other overhead such as hosting costs and legal hurdles that vary from state to state. there is just a myriad of headaches for something like this as opposed to a website for a blogger or something “simpler”

for a company with very slim margins as it is and a ever expanding lineup in hopes to bolster income and security you have to stretch already limited resources to that lineup along with the team needed to work on a browser.

when you add in that another access point ( other than your phone) equals a possible vulnerability due to weaknesses in browsers, hosts, third party updates ( something like the recent SolarWinds breach comes to mind there) there is just a whole host of things to be aware of for a company trying to roll something out while maintaining a secure product.

I am like you and this is something I would love to have and utilize very very much. during my feedback meetings with managers at Wyze on one occasion I did bring this up when I was asked what I would like to see. some off the “issues” I mentioned were from the Wyze employees directly, they were things I had not thought of ( I don’t dealt in that realm in my career) and was of great insight as to the reasoning and delay of such a roll out. Wyze has been subject to one data breach a few years ago and they were very forth coming with that. I think overall that bolstered them to strive for a far more secure product for the customers, which sadly is no doubt slowing this process down. but non the less. all except the drive they WERE working on a few years ago, they have followed through on the researching topics thus far and gotten almost 100% of them to market. in due time I am sure this will come to fruition too.


Too long, didn’t read, keep replies short next time. There are thousands of companies doing this already with the same exact types of products and with other products. I work in the security industry and I use browser based cameras constantly. Any “issues” they told you were just excuses, everyone else has already figured it out. And “being looked in to” is an overstatement. They haven’t provided an update since last April so obviously they aren’t looking that hard.

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Go buy from the other companies. You have already solved your problem.
You will be happier but I bet will spend a ton more as well.