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I personally don’t encourage people to buy Wyze. I have reviews all over the internet and feedback to YouTube videos of people trying to give it a thumbs up. I made sure it was known giving thumbs down. I plan on publishing videos as well about not purchasing Wyze products. The vital part of purchase is giving a consumer instruction on using its features, accessibility and not just setting it up. To not to have to go to a forums page and sit for hours sifting through replies looking for answers. As soon as relief checks are deposited some is being spent on different company and security products. Go to consumer reports, feedback on Youtube videos and make it known to other consumers to spend $2-5 more and get different product/company. Just a couple kids coming up with software at college class and getting together, " Hey lets start this company for security cameras !! Call shark Tank ?"

There is extensive help info available at Have you check that out?

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Have you gone go into the support pages for which ever product you are wanting to learn more about to se what’s there? Alot more to the point and officially from Wyze about the features, stats, limitations, etc. What more could be added that you wanted?

Edit/ @Loki got here just a tad before. I’d say the forums is good for user experience and tips and tricks.

Have you ?

I can’t say this enough and even let consumers see it for their selves . " extensive" ?? NO, it’s not extensive about HOW TO . Yes, you rave about what it can do, but how to and options etc. you don’t. I submitted a feedback to a couple different videos online. 5 people asked to do certain things with webcam. either they failed or took so long of trial and error to figure it out. YES, YOU DO HAVE DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT, BUT NOT HOW TO AND ACCESSIBILITY. I put that in caps so you get that understood. LOL IE: Subject " infrared > go to > press here > options > YOU GET IDEA ?? You don’t have that you just blindly rave about options and send consumers around forums and time, time , time it takes them to figure it out. Put the product in 5 peoles hands, average everyday consumers not pros. You are going to get results of people going through trial and error figuring out how and what to use. Time to go back n forth to websites and forums. YOU NEED TO SUPPLY MANUALS AND INSTRUCTIONS. smile

Forums are good I agree !! Put the product on shelf and tell people take it home and set it up. YES< BY ALL MEANS SIMPLE!!! LOL I agree and state that to people ! Now tell them to use it and what it does and how to and I’ll come back the next day. The amount of time spent going through forums sifting through info, " WAS THIS HELPFUL?" THUMBS DOWN. I understand Tony your working for a company and trying to see a product but you need to sell manuals and instruction. I unbox your cam and website registration and show to consumers and then another camera few more dollars. They know what it does and how to with explaining it to the neighbor !! LOL YOU don’t do that with Wyze. I don’t encourage armature to buy your products.

What was your feedback that you provided?

And FYI, Mods and Mavens are just users such as yourself that volunteer their time to assist fellow users in the forums, which is a user to user community. Sometimes Wyze folks visit, but this isn’t an official way to contact them. I am interested to hear your feedback that you provided, and any ideas you have, examples will help. Mods and Mavens have ways of sending up ideas to Wyze, I am all ears. Thanks in advance.

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That’s interesting. Your forum profile says you’ve viewed 4 topics with a total read time of 10 minutes.

I understand that the Wyze documentation may be lacking for you. You may feel that a forum isn’t enough but I don’t see that you’ve ever asked for assistance on anything.


Taking a look at your comment here and referencing one of Wyze’s recent product releases, here is a support page for the IR and night vision system in the v3. Alot of the support pages get revisited frequently and get updates with new info, changes etc, and should be up to date with what’s released.

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I’m 70 years old and I figured everything out about my 4 outdoor cams, one V3 and they all work great. How hard can it be :roll_eyes: ? A little reading of available information goes a long way!

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You open up a paper or internet PDF file manual. A ROUGH EXAMP)LE : SUBJECTS - 1. infrared How to > what is it > options > using it > 2. motion detection > car > person > sensitivity > how to adjust > go to > 3. Storage- Cloud > micro card > how to > what > general info > Not to send a consumer all over forums looking for key words as to where you send them next and ask : “was this helpful ?” No, and they jump to next forum subject and read through it for 5-10 minutes. Look at your thumbs up and thumbs down and the yes or no statistics. Why should a consumer need to be asking for assistance everytime and for so much info ? You buy a blender, iphone, TV, mouse, wireless keyboard, webcams and etc etc. Consumers are not required to register and go through forums and chat lines or phone calls to ask what, how and why. It has a manual ! smile

If you have the time to read go for it. It’s a fast paced society with little time to “Figure things out” . Hence the word, “Figure” . Figure out to use a stove, cook macaroni & cheese dinner, how the milk and cheese was made for recipe. You turn that box around with instructions on how to make it, how long to cook it and fat, vitamins and other nutrients concerned about. You don’t buy a box of a dinner product and “figure out” how to make it or go online to KRAFT website and go through forums to find answers. A simple example of what a company will do to make sure job is done right the first time and no trial n error and “figure it out” . Instruction of how to use, make and operate. I don’t have time to sit and turn on PC, log into website and go to a forum page and “figure out” whose post applies to my questions, as opposed to picking up that manual and getting to answers within less than 5 minutes if even that- 1 or 2 minutes to flip to page instructions. HEY YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR AND AND WHY SUBSCRIPTIONS SO CHEAP LOW COST.

I notice you left out this part of the reply you quoted from.


I notice you didn’t "figure out " the point being made for Wyze since the start, and didn’t do a little reading yourself. Wyze was told they should put a manual with the camera or change the format of the website. I give these cameras to people and then emails and calls asking me how to and why or they can’t find answer to question. All of this through a 5’’ cell phone screen. Not everyone has PC or laptop.

LOL Oh brother why am i wasting my time with forums, but damn emails keep coming to my box telling about notifications. Just a suggestion WYZE as I give these cameras to people or tell them where to go to buy them and not emailing me or calling stating they can’t find answer or info on certain features reading through your forums. I get them the cameras and state , “budget friendly and low costs.” WHy ? they don’t have money and time to be sitting at a laptop or PC , and due to no income or budget have luxury of owning one. Just make a manual to put with camera and design / format your website into more sections and specifics with camera features and functions.

I’ll just tell them spend the extra $ 10 and monthly fee and get the pan cam, and don’t give out other ones . Spend a few extra dollars and put a features and instructions manual with cam , or on website. I convince people budget friendly and great features and then, Where, why and how asked to me and can’t find answers at WYZE website.

Mark these forum notifications on my email as spam so they quit loading up my boxes. LOL Keep in mind WYZE not all the people out there are tech smart and have time or accessibility to go to your websites and forums. They buy it turn box around and see instructions or look at manual inside, and maybe once in awhile have time to go through all your posts and forums.

Case closed I’m out of here and have a good year ! TTYL

I was just teasing a bit.

You know Wyze is never going to include a PDF or paper manual with every product. No one does any more. It’s more costly to produce than the products themselves.
You’ve could have written one yourself by now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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