Wyze should build a Google Photos alternative

Google photos will start charging at the end of the year.

Wyze would be a great option for a hardware option to upload all photos.


Let’s get the Google Photos info correct first.
Google will start charging for anything over 15Gb starting June 1, 2021, not the end of the year. This 15Gb limitation does not include the photos you already uploaded before June 1, 2021.
15Gb is about 5000 compressed photos.

Can you give more details on your hardware suggestion? Are you duggesting a Wyze branded NAS or something cloud based?

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Well he or she said “hardware”. I’m not clear what Wyze could do over and above the existing consumer hard drive and NAS vendors.

I just hope Amazon doesn’t follow Google’s lead and start charging for photo storage on top of regular Prime.

Cloud storage is helpful and varies greatly in price. I fortunately am grandfathered in to Google Drive for my business with unlimited storage. It’s wrapped up with my Google Voicemail and email account. I pay like $12/mt. I have over 11T of files there! 99% photos. I also have an unlimited Flickr account for $50/year! I’ve also had Flickr at least a dozen years or more so I’m not sure this rate is still available but I suggest anyone try Flickr because that’s a killer deal.

Eleven, terabytes, of still photos??

Yup. I’m a pro.

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