As COVID is here, so of us have needed to do spending that we haven’t predicted. With that being said, I have to hold off on pre-ordering the new outdoor camera.

I think Wyze should have a financing program like Klarna or Sizzle or something of the sort.

Just a thought.


For a $40-$50 camera?
When Amazon gets them you’ll probably be able to do monthly payments.


If I wanted more than a camera…

Ah, I see. My mistake. You mentioned the outdoor camera.

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

Hi guys, have you considered partnering up with Klarna or AfterPay? A lot of us, such as myself, would like to buy more than 1-2 cameras at once, and having the installment option would help tremendously. I have a big order to place, but sadly other responsibilities as well, and I know that it would make a big difference for myself and many others that are in the same situation.
Thank you