Amazon and wyze

Is wyze partnered with Amazon. Need to know, so I can move forward.

All WYZE cloud storage is dependent upon Amazon. Furthermore, the founders of WYZE were once Amazon employees.

Figures…so based on actions of amazon, I’ll have to drop wyze and all devices


That was subtle… Yes, Wyze, like many internet devices use Amazon servers which is a good reliable choice.

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Reliable till the censor you


There are over 1,000,000 companies that make use of AWS. Are you planning to stop doing business with those organizations as well?

Here’s a short list of some of the big names that leverage Amazon. Keep in mind this article is about a year old now:
Companies using AWS

Snippet from the article:
According to Intricately, the top ten AWS users based on EC2 monthly spend are:

  1. Netflix: $19 million
  2. Twitch: $15 million
  3. LinkedIn: $13 million
  4. Facebook: $11 million
  5. Turner Broadcasting: $10 million
  6. BBC: $9 million
  7. Baidu: $9 million
  8. ESPN: $8 million
  9. Adobe: $8 million
  10. Twitter: $7 million

Very true! Not to mention that everyone is censored all over anyway. For example, I couldn’t go off on an expletive laden rant here, at work, or at the corner store for that matter without being censored by post deletion, fired, or made to leave.

That said, it’s of course a personal choice whether or not a customer wants to do business with Amazon or anywhere else. It won’t matter to Amazon.


LOL - You can’t even call someone’s comments sensitive or point out that someone is being extraordinarily dramatic on this forum without having your post yanked…along with messages from moderators containing reminders about the community guidelines.

Don’t ask how I know. :man_shrugging:


I’ll try to keep my response as A-political as possible (I’m not partisan anyway, but I do have direct links to multiple business ownership which helps me to understand the predicament of Wyze and others) and so I will just focus on what I read in some interesting [non-political] articles prior to 2020:

I read some articles of people who actually attempted this for a month (prior to 2020), that is, see what happens if they cut out Amazon, Google, and Apple 100% out of their life for a month. They first did it individually for a month each, then collectively. They blocked all registered blocks of IP addresses to/from the companies, and everything they could possibly think of.

Turns out that more than 40% of all internet traffic runs through Amazon in some way or another (including their cloud services, etc). I mean, WOW! With my luck, the half of the internet not going through Amazon is probably all the stuff I don’t care about from some other country using a different language anyway…so giving up that 40% of the internet would probably mean no other internet I care about being left to enjoy.

Google is another one that’s almost impossible to totally escape. They found lots of their smart devices completely shut down because it’s some kind of standard to ping Google to see if there is connectivity. Not to mention all the other things 3rd parties we rely on use them for.

Also, a person trying to legitimately do this may have to cut off all of their utilities (power, water, etc), not to mention other indirect things like all the factors that go into having approval to own your house, or buy food, etc. It gets really, really hard to cut out anything with secondary use of these tech giants’ services.

Basically, the end conclusion was that you can indeed cut out Amazon, Google, and Apple from your life, but expect to have very few job options that pay very low, and possibly very few ways to live with shelter and food, no smart phone, basically no internet, etc.

It’s kind of scary how much of our lives is controlled by just a couple of private for profit tech companies… But what those articles taught me was this…I love internet and all my luxuries.

It sure takes a lot of commitment to cut out those 3 companies out of your life.

If Wyze tried to cater to politics then it would make them unstable and unreliable and they’d lose half the population no matter what choice they make. That’s not fair to expect from businesses who just want to be left out of partisan squabbling. Many of them have customers and employees from every kind of ideology (political, religious beliefs, race, country, favorite Sports Team, whatever else someone has strong feelings about) and any other characteristic. Telling them they have to choose one or another is unfair when they just want to do business with everyone, be fair, etc to as many people as possible.

Much better from a business standpoint for Wyze, or most other diverse non-political companies to just decide they’ll ignore the politics and do what makes good business sense if politics weren’t involved… Some will always be upset no matter which decision the business makes. But siding with one or the other is unfair to the other groups that are a part of them too (employees, investors, customers, etc). I know what that’s like. My wife owns 3 franchises and 2 other small business and just wants to keep her businesses all business. She has people from both sides of politics, religions, etc., as employees, customers, etc. She doesn’t discriminate against any of them or treat any of them any different than any of the others. She loves all her employees and all her customers and simply fulfills the services they are specifically contracted for. People’s beliefs are their own and not related to the businesses.

Catering to every single individual group difference would mean everyone’s businesses would be really tiny if you could only serve people who match your exact politics, religion, sex, race, country, eye color, height, blood-type, opinion on aliens, and astrological sign, favorite sports team and then which player is their favorite, and matching only who was the Greatest of all time on that team and on and on…and if any of those don’t match, then no doing business with that person…or maybe do a separate LLC for each variation of human opinion?

Personally, I just want Wyze to stick with giving me cool fun useful products that are reliable and inexpensive. As long as Wyze keeps things A-political themselves and simply based on business, I’ll keep using them, but I don’t fault people for deciding otherwise for themselves. Emotions are strong things. There will always be some trying to force businesses to take sides with their groups no matter what the business chooses to do. I will keep my business and buying decisions and my politics separate because I want everyone else to treat our businesses the same way (choose to do business with us because of how we treat you specifically and what value we can offer you). Or choose to go elsewhere, we can’t force you to like us…but we’ll choose to continue doing what is the least discriminatory and most fair with the greatest value that we can possibly think of. We love and appreciate everyone and all the diversity possible, we hope most people will appreciate that, and we don’t hate the people who decide something else is better for them, we wish them well too. I assume this is the same stance Wyze takes…not making decisions to hurt anyone’s feelings or to be political, but simply trying to be as fair as possible while minding their own business and trying to stay out of in-group/out-group tribalism the best way they can.


Sigh. This was a nice quiet haven from the crazy until now. If you don’t want to be subject to someone’s policies, don’t do business with them or run your own services instead. Diversity rocks. I try to minimize dependence on the big providers ( I avoid Google search for example) for resilience and safety and privacy and reliability, not to make stupid political statements.

You might be more concerned about all the reliance on China for hardware and firmware and some services, although Wyze has made a good effort to mitigate the latter (P2P from TUTK).

Sigh, I thought this thread was going to be about Alexa skills.


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Are you serious?

Wyze uses Amazon servers.

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