Wyze-provided cloud storage for snapshots/photos from cameras

It would be really advantageous to have the ability to configure from my Wyze web account to connect to a secured portal for saving snapshots from my cameras. Has this been considered?


Could you explain more about what you mean by a “secured portal”. Where would the connection be initiated? How would this work?

This will help us file your post in the right place.

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@Loki . Thanks for entertaining my inquiry. I should have just referred to cloud storage instead of saying secured portal. Sorry if that was a bit confusing.

If you go to the album on your phone, you can share the snapshots from there to the cloud storage of your choice. Are you asking to bypass this step and have Wyze automatically upload snapshots to a cloud service to which you are subscribed? Or are you asking for Wyze to provide separate cloud storage for the snapshots?

@Loki .

I’ll follow your suggestion and check out the cloud storage of choice first. But it would be great if WYZE provided a cloud storage service in tandem with subscribers individual accounts. I know that’s going to incur costs, but it’s a nice alternative.

Got it. I have updated the topic title and moved it to #wishlist.

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