Wyze Smart Mirror (new device idea)

Something like a Smart/Magic Mirror would be an interesting concept being that you guys will be having a great ecosystem of devices. One of my hobby projects this past year was to experiment with a raspberry pi to make a magic mirror display all sorts of information and video feeds. Imagine being able to pass up/walk by the mirror and it turns on and displays which switches are on/off, current time and temperature, video feeds of your cameras, which lights are on and their current dimness. Perhaps, eventually, open it up to an API for 3rd party developers to display custom widgets, however, the main thing would be a smart display for all your Wyze gadgets! Maybe comes with a kickstand or wall mount!

Were the costs minimal?

For an example:
Between the RPi, glass from local store, and scraps of wood I had already, it was about $60 but I had also made it 2.5ft wide by 4ft tall which is kind of large.

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Yes, I would love a smart mirror to make me look thinner, younger and better looking please. So Smart that mirror would be!

How about just developing a module so we can build a smart mirror and use the module.