How about a Wyze 'hub' for high load tasks?

If it isn’t feasible to do person detection in the camera (it’s clearly possible since we’ve all seen it), and cloud-based detection requires subscriptions, how about a Wyze ‘base station’ that provides the compute power needed to do more intensive tasks?

It isn’t unusual for wireless IoT devices to come with some kind of wired hub or base station. Arduino and Raspberry Pi both provide boards that offer more than enough horse power to do image recognition with loads of capacity to spare for future . In fact, it could provide a lot more possible features:

  • a place to connect a screen for places that want live, tiled views of all their cameras.
  • a place to connect an external HD to record 24/7 (or hook it up to your own cloud storage).
  • a sandbox environment for the technically minded among your user base to play with their own community-driven code/AI and the rest of the Wyze API.

No need for subscriptions. A one-time buy would be sufficient and would make sure all owners already had the compute in-hand for yet-to-be conceived features. And given that boards with multiple CPU and a couple Gb of RAM can be picked up for tens of dollars, I can’t imagine it would have to cost a lot either.

Just an idea…


Would vote.

Make a Wishlist thread! I would definitely vote for this.

Good idea. I have done so.


Unable to locate in Wishlist to vote for it. Might you post a link to it? Thanks in advance.

It got merged into some other thread by the Wyze mods. Bit annoying since this is not really the same suggestion at all…

Agree with your annoyance, but at least WyzeGwendolyn responded that a hub of some sort is still under consideration, no promises.