Wyze Smart Button

I am very happy to hear. I wanted this because I don’t keep my phone next to my bed, and I need an easy way to turn my bedroom lamp off, and not “Completely turn off” so I can turn it on remotely without having to go to my bedroom to turn the lamps main switch back on.

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An easy approach for many people would be Alexa or Google integration for voice control…


As Customer said, Alexa/Google is what I use most of the time for that purpose.

In my previous house, I also kept a Contact sensor on the bed headboard and if I opened that contact sensor, it would dim the light, and if I closed it, it turned off the light.

I would definitely love to have buttons though! So I look forward to this.




Thanks for making a Wyze Smart Button. It will save us a lot of time making things happen with the phone app.


Is there a way the roadmap can begin to include target timeframes?
Knowing a smart button is “in-development” is good but normal folks have no way to know does this mean in a couple months or years?
This year, next year, Q3, order of priority etc


Wyze doesn’t publish timeframes for projects in developments, at least in part because of not wanting to set expectations that sometimes can’t be met.

Timeframes are sometimes discussed in some of the live events with the Project Mangers or other staff. You can watch the #news category here for announcements of those events.


Doorbell button for wyze cam v3

I know there’s the wyze doorbell product with a chime, but I already have a cam v3 by my door, so what I really wish was there is - just a cheap doorbell button (with a battery) that triggers my wyze app to ring and when pressed, and when I answer it opens my v3 cam with 2way sound on.

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I look forward to our reunion in 2024 smart button dreams…please hang on as long as you can. I will keep modifying contact sensors for now, but you are among my top hopes for 2024, so please hang in there!


Nooooo!! I was so looking forward to this :sob:

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Moving this over to the ‘Maybe Later’ category since we had to prioritize some things in front of this and will probably not get to it until 2024.

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Well, at least it wasn’t moved to “Probably not”…

I’m still going to keep bringing it up in AMA’s so they know it’s still in demand after the year of the camera is over! :slight_smile:


That is disappointing. The smart button was thing I was most looking forward to. The ability to use it to turn on lights and run routines was my need. Want all the backyard lights on. Turn off all the wyze switches on my fish tank…

I programmed several wyze plugs to act like pseudo smart buttons to turn on my water heater recirculating pump. I can use my iPhone to directly activate the wyze plug that the pump is plugged into, but I wanted to have smart plugs in the kitchen and bathrooms to be able to just click them when ever I want to turn the pump on. The wyze plug on the pump is set to run for 5 minutes when activated. I programmed each of my pseudo smart buttons so that WHEN I turn one on, then the DO action is to turn on the water pump Wyze plug. The water pump Wyze plug automatically turns itself off after 5 minutes. After I turn on one of my pseudo smart buttons I wait a few seconds and then turn it off so that it is ready to go again the next time I need it.