Wyze Skill randomly unlinks from Alexa

I installed Wyze Color Bulbs throughout my home and integrated it with Alexa using the Wyze Skill. Over the last 2-3 months, Wyze Skill has unlinked from Alexa at least 5 times without notice, and often within minutes of successfully using the skill to turn a light on or off. Is this normal behavior? If not, how do I prevent it from happening in the future? If it is normal, why would anyone put up with it?

I would not consider that normal. I have had mine linked for almost a year now without even a hint of wayward behavior. But, I am the only one using the Amazon and Wyze account. Are you sharing either the Alexa or Wyze with anyone else? A lot of times with other skills, sharing will confuse the skill credentials verification after the other person accesses the account under their credentials, thereby disconnecting or expiring yours.

Have you verified from the Wyze side that the Alexa link is listed and active in the Account tab>Smart Integrations?

If this is not the case, then I’ve got nothing. Perhaps others can provide insight:

Thanks for the insight.
My wife’s phone is linked using my credentials, but mostly we just use Alexa speakers to control the lights in the house without much direct interaction with the app. After the last time it disconnected I tried to got through the Wyze app → Smart Integrations instead of directly through the Alexa Skills and so far its hasn’t disconnected, but its been less than two weeks.

I was pretty excited about the lights at first, but its increasingly becoming more of a chore than an improvement. If all it takes to break the Wyze Smart Integration skill is to share it with another member of the household, then its not a very good system to begin with. What’s the point of having a smart house if I can’t share it with everyone in the house? Whether its on their phone or at voice command, it should work.

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This is NOT normal as I have had wyze products linked with my amazon alexa for a year+ in the last month I would say, I have noticed alerts that my wyze account is no longer linked with alexa, so I have to log in, which isnt too bad, but its now happened like 3 times in the last week. Getting annoying, but this seems to be a new issue that hopefully wyze will be fixing soon,

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Hopefully they have fixed this bug, it hasn’t happened in a few weeks now. Fingers Crossed.

This has recently become a huge problem. I have been humming along for a good year + with no issues and suddenly in the last about 2-3 weeks I have had to re-add the Wyze skill to my Alexa app about 7 times. It’s getting seriously frustrating. Has anyone figured out a fix for this?

I don’t think anyone has identified a cause for it let alone a fix. Problem is that it isn’t across the board with all Wyze\Alexa links. Yes, the Wyze Alexa skill is next to useless in it’s functionality, but not everyone is unlinking. Haven’t seen any trends if it is Android vs iOS, new app version vs old, specific to one Alexa device or Wyze device. There is no way to troubleshoot a problem if there isn’t some way of narrowing down the source.

I have had mine linked for about a year as well and (knock on wood - no jinxes) haven’t had any issues.

My Wyze Alexa skill has been unlinking, sometimes multiple times a day, for about a month now after working well for a few years. HELP

We’re having the same problem. Great for over a year but in the past month it has unlinked 5 times.

Same with me…linked for a year or more, unlinked yesterday.

I’ve been having this issue with Wyze since around January of this year. I can’t go a single week without it disconnecting. I’m completely speculating here, but I think it might have something to do with two factor authentication. Let me know if anyone has this issue without having 2FA enabled. I’ve changed my password to max character length & strength and disabled 2FA to test this theory :crossed_fingers:

I have not enabled two-factor. I believe it has to do with a change on Wyze’s end. Specifically, I believe this problem has to do with their session management. For some reason, it seems that a developer at Wyze made the unwise choice to expire all sessions at 7 day intervals, which seems to have included sessions involving skill linking. This change seems to now force users to open Alexa and relink the skill every 7 days because the skill link session has expired.

I have no idea why a dev at Wyze thought it was a good idea to expire link sessions after 7 days, but here we are. I’m tired of having to go to Alexa and relink the skill every week.

Someone at Wyze needs to investigate why skill linking sessions are now subject to a 7 day expiration when skills links should, at best, never expire or, at worst, expire no more often than once every 6 months. Additionally, if the skill linking is within 48 hours of expiring, the Wyze app should send a notification stating that the user needs to relink the skill to extend the session.

Better, put a security setting in the Wyze app under the Security area to allow the user to control how often the skill linkage expires. If I choose for the Alexa skill to expire in 7 days, it should be my choice, not Wyze’s. If I choose for the Alexa skill to never expire, that’s also my choice and the skill should stay logged in until I choose to log it out or until I disable the skill.

Wyze, fix this.

I believe it’s a session-related change. As long as your session remains valid and your link isn’t forced closed, your session probably has no expiration on it. This would explain why you haven’t seen this issue, yet.

However, users who have been forced logged out or who have been required to disable and relink the skill will get brand new sessions. It seems to be these new sessions which appear to be subject to very short duration expirations of around 7 days. I have no idea why Wyze chose such a short session expiration for its always-on IoT devices as it makes no sense to me… unless the short session is intended to mitigate some kind of security risk / exploit involving Wyze devices and skill linkage that Wyze isn’t disclosing to its end customers.

You are speaking a different language that I can’t understand. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what starts a session or what ends one, when they would expire or why, or which end of the connection initiates\breaks the handshake.

I linked my skill in my Alexa App when I first married the two ecosystems early last year. I only open the Alexa app about once a week when I am at the grocery looking at my shopping list or occasionally building a routine. Beyond that, everything is just me yelling at Alexa thru my dots.

I have logged out\in to the Wyze app many times testing new devices and have done OS forced stops on the app. Never needed to do that w\ the Alexa app.

I know that the Wyze Skill in Alexa has been experiencing ‘issues’ lately, specifically with the selection of cams as triggers. I also know that some routine build Wyze triggers and actions aren’t working properly. But, this was on the AWS side and a recent Alexa update was reported to have fixed that. ???

Can’t really offer any possible theories as to why it is happening because I don’t know enough about the minions in the mines that make it work… Or not work in your case.

I’ll explain. When you log into any site, a session is created that contains metadata surrounding your active login. One piece of metadata is session duration or how long your session can remain logged in before being logged out. You may not know that this data is there, but it is. It’s what is used to prevent you from staying logged into your banking app for more than a few minutes without activity before being logged out. Some sessions are tied to activity and some are set with hard limits (hours, days, weeks or even years)

The idea of a ‘session’ is pretty much the same on all platforms because of how the web works. Meaning, it doesn’t matter if it’s a banking site, Facebook or Twitter.

Since you’re required to log in to Wyze with a username and password when linking Alexa, it is this login and password system that creates a new session. Old sessions created ages ago may have had very long expiration timing or none at all. This means that having logged in a year ago or longer might have given you a session with no expiration or an expiration of perhaps years.

Wyze seems to have shortened the duration of new sessions to 7 days. That means if you’re forced to relink in Alexa and log into Wyze again, you’ll receive a new session with its newest rules, including a shortened duration.

Though, why Wyze chose 7 days really makes no sense for a service that needs to remain always on.

In other words, your current situation is more-or-less living on borrowed time. If your current session expires or for some reason you are forced to unlink and relink Wyze to Alexa, you’ll receive the newest session rules which will likely put you under that 7 day relinking. You won’t be able to get your old unlimited session back. If I were in your shoes, I would do nothing that requires disabling and relinking the Alexa skill.

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