Wyze Alexa Skill disabled itself

So Alexa suddenly quits controlling my Wyze products because the skill is no longer enabled. Wat?! Will this randomly begin to occur now or what? Having to relog into Amazon and relink my account will get tiresome if this becomes a habit. And who would we need to get answers from? You or Bezos? Heck I still can’t get that stupid blue wave background off my echo screen no matter what I try. Argh.

Not sure if this was an isolated event for you or if it was just recently but… There was a recent AWS service outage that totally knocked the tar out of the Wyze app, connectivity, etc. There were widespread reports that this also uncoupled Alexa and Wyze.

On another front, other forums have discussed skills becoming unlinked when access is being made from a shared account… Reports of the credentials in the shared account causing the primary account credentials to become expired and unlinked.

Lastly, I have better success linking from within the Wyze app rather than the Amazon end.

Hope this helps!