Alexa Devices no longer linked to Wyze Skill

Wyse cams and plugs no longer work via alexa. I get a message the skill is no longer linked to Alexa. I unlink it and link it again --run discovery and the exact thing still happens. This is through any Alexa device. It still works on and off via the alexa App on my phone. Will not work via An alexa device. I have rebooted ALL my alexa devices. No help.

I get the error message Via Alexa that the skill is unlinked. Please fix your Alexa app.on the devices.

Have you done all this?

I have an Alexa linked account. Prior to the hack the other account did not need the Wyze skill enabled to see cams and control switches. It worked just fine.

After the hack BOTH accounts need the Wyze skill installed and enabled. Then it will work.

This only applies to Alexa with more than one account on it.