Wyze Alexa Intigration Stopped Working

My Android phone popped up and said I needed to relink Wyze. When I tried to enable Wyze in Alexa app it says…

The link between accounts has expired. To continue click enable…

When I try to login in to the Wyze skill within Alexa app to link Wyze and Alexa I get a message…

We are experiencing a problem connecting with the skill to link your account.

Problems on your end?


It just linked after several tries.

So the question now is, why does the link expire.


Same here so it is on their end. Wyze knows that there is a problem but REFUSES to put a note on Wyze.com front so as not to scare anyone. SO not seeing anything new in the forums, customers would presume that it is their problem. Their customers has enabled, disabled the app, logged out, logged in etc, etc so WYZE…AGAIN… won’t tell you that the problem has been resolved so that any further action will get you back up but instead, Wyze WON’T acknowledge that there is an issue and lets their customers blindly mess around for hours until things start working again. They really need someone who understands service.

I agree. As of late, my wyze bulbs lose connection with my Amazon Alexa account all the time - the other company bulbs I have continue to work - just all the wyze ones stop working.

I get the message that the link has expired. Or the Dot tells me it can’t connect to the lights.

Over and over again I come to the Wyze website expecting to see a message so I know they know it is down and are working on it - and it isn’t something wrong on my end that requires me to mess with it to fix it - and there is never anything there.

I think once I got an email AFTER all my lights were working again…also AFTER I had deleted all my lights and reinstalled all of them…it is a pain and it is really poor customer service in my estimation.

Individuals who frequent Discord reported that Wyze was working on an oAuth issue. My Alexa stopped working earlier and is now working again.

This is what was posted in Discord

If you have access to Discord here is a link: