Wyze should be focusing on Core products (Business 101)

Wyze should be focusing on Core products (Business 101)…all they are doing is throwing out reissued products and seeing what sticks. OK…hire hundreds and reuse cheap China technology and sell thousands. AliExpress has what Wyze is selling.

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First on my version of your list would have to be improve the reliability of the platform… Security system related items should not experience random drop-outs, error 90 disconnects etc… Fix the reconnect code so it is transparent to the user… RELIABILITY is what really speaks to the quality of the product.

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#cohibajoe with other wording I said basically the same thing, seems that toxicity is not well received here.

Not toxicity - reality.

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We have a few here that do not like people’s views, opinions and thoughts. Next caller…

Some of your comments are starting to sound like bad Yelp reviews. If you have issues with Wyze products submit for a refund or open a ticket with support. Start a new thread about that one time your device broke. However, if I were you. You should start working on how to fix your issues. If you are having connection issues or drops you may be having a WiFi collision going on. Change the channel on your WiFi AP. Look for solutions to avoid WiFi issues. Just saying.


You could go to your local TechnoMart around you and spend an extra $500 for that warm fuzzy you seek, but you are here because you want to save money and got Wyze, Wyze is working hard adding new features and improving the product and the cost is still great. Maybe you could be part of the solution and provide a more comprehensive feedback and help fix these flaws you speak of versus just saying my stuff don’t work.

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Software flaws… this would be development.

Solutions only come after previously undiscovered flaws are brought to the developers attention. That’s my only goal in posting. I’ve been here since the beginning.

The price point in no way alleviates the developers obligation to fully support their advertised capabilities. One must support the other.

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You’ve been a member here for 1 day so I’m sure you’re not familiar with the Wyze history of product quality, especially when it comes to software and firmware QA testing.

If you take some time to read through these forums going back years you’ll see that many, many issues have been reported to Wyze ad-nauseam and nothing happens, or if something is actually fixed it will be broken again in the next release. That scenario has occurred multiple times.

The hardware isn’t all that great either. Of the 7 products I’ve purchased only 1 is still functioning - not a great, or even mediocre, track record.


Don’t let my membership make you think I don’t know about Wyze products? I have about 12 cameras spanning every generation plus many other products. The fact that you are complaining about non-existent products is ludicrous. You should be complaining in another section not here. This is a WishList section. You are complaining about your X-mas gifts before Santa brings them to you.
Like I said before, You guys are those Bad Yelp reviewers.

If you don’t like Non-existent products then Why are you here complaining about them?

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