Wyze sensor’s not working

Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is already in the Wyze community but I have noticed that a lot of people have had a problem with there Wyze sensors were when the battery dies and you replace it, It does not work anymore. I have read that if you let your Wyze sense battery completely die, they will probably not work again when you replace the battery. One easy solution to this is to watch carefully for the low battery sign and replace the battery as soon as possible.

As many of you probably know, Wyze is coming out with a Wyze sense vs. 2 which will most likely fix this problem.


Interesting. I hadn’t heard of this problem yet. I have had a couple of batteries completely die, and I replaced them and worked fine after that.

The only one I had that stopped working was because somehow it ended up in the washing machine…after that it showed all rusted inside and was dead even with a new battery.

I saw some people taking about it on a topic but I am not sure what the topic is. I see why yours stoped working though :smile:. Just wanted to put it out there incase some had that problem​:slightly_smiling_face: