Wyze Sense V1 warranty not being honored

One of my V1 contact sensors has died. The battery is still good. The Wyze sense units are 8 months old. Wyze is unable to replace the unit and will not offer a deal on the new V2 hub.
The customer service person that I talked to told me to buy HMS and cancel the service.
The only way to do this is to purchase HMS and pay monthly. This means that the initial cost is $85 plus tax.
I think that I am not the only person with this issue and I think that everyone who has experienced this same issue should be pressuring Wyze for compensation in the form of the Wyze Sense V2 hub and sensors at a discounted price. I wonder what members think a fair price would be for a Wyze Sense V2 kit.

Do a search for the Wyze warranty and quote them the part about replacement with the same or comparable component. Their warranty is specific about this point.