WYZE Sense Hub failed and warranty replacement experience

Well, I am disappointed and sorry to say what a cheap company WYZE is in my short experience with the Sense Hub, Purchased in August and failed/bricked itself in November. Chatted with support and jumped all the hoops successfully and was offed a $30 gift card. Thought all was good until I used it to purchase a new Sense Hub and was charged $8.32 for shipping. Really now? WYZE, your product failed during the warranty period and you charge a customer, who purchased your product in good faith, for shipping a replacement. I paid it as I have nine temperature sensors doing nothing for the moment, However, I probably won’t be a WYZE customer in the future. This is my opinion, so I could care less what your explanation is or that of any defenders of your policy on this particular part of your business is. Just wanted to have my say. Being cheap is not how repeat customers are generated, but apparently you could care less.

There have been many complaints about the recent uptick of “Gift Card” solutions Wyze Support has been offering to resolve issues. It certainly is taking the easy way out to reduce cost. I agree. The Gift Card should also come with one Free Shipping coupon code as well.

But, we have learned that customers can refuse the Gift Card option when a Warranty Claim is being submitted and instead request that Wyze issue an RMA and ship a replacement item. Unfortunately, this depends on the item being in stock.

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A little late late for that!

For you, perhaps. For others who visit the forum and read this thread prior to contacting Customer Support for a Warranty Return, perhaps not.

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Well yeah, so why the snarky reply? Sometimes silence is the best acknowledgement.

I would say the same for your first reply:

Especially after agreeing with you about the Gift Card and Shipping. But then it would be unreasonable of me to expect you to live up to your own advice in the first place. I think there is a term for that.

why would they offer a gift certificate instead of replace a brick unit if it sin the warranty period?

Lower cost…for Wyze.

but from what I’m reading, the gift certificate doesn’t cover the cost of a new unit to replace the broken on. the warranty they offer is flawed if this is how it works

Not really a flaw, but a plan by Wyze to reduce warranty costs. They give you a gift card for the cost of the item and YOU pay the shipping instead of Wyze paying for it.

It depends on the situation, sometimes the gift card is more advantageous (if there is a special or you are buying it with another purchase, so the shipping wouldn’t make a difference), plus you get a brand new one with a full new warranty instead of possibly a refurbished one or have it continue on the original warranty, etc. I would often prefer the gift card, myself, because I order other stuff often enough that the shipping wouldn’t matter as I would just include it with my other purchase I was already going to make, and now I have a guaranteed full brand new device (not refurbished) AND I get a full new 1 year warranty starting over, instead of having it continue on from the original purchase of the first one, or the replacement warranty of only 90 days or whatever. Also, in some cases, like with cameras, I would prefer a gift card because I might actually want to buy a different cam now. If I have a camera go bad, instead of getting that same camera, I might choose to get a different one. In some cases, I might pick a cheaper one like the OG, and then use the rest of the money on something else. I might even get 2 OG’s for the same price of the camera they’re replacing. Or I might just use that money toward an upgrade of a newer, better camera. So in my opinion, the Gift card is almost always better/prefered and more flexible with better warranty continuation, etc.

Having said that, Wyze’s policy is to always offer the gift card first, but you are allowed to refuse it and ask if they’ll just send a new model of the same kind (if they have any in-stock).

okay, if the gift certificate covers the full price, then I can understand

Still doesn’t cover shipping, which would be included if Wyze replaced the device.

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I have been subscribed for 2 years.
Their security system is nothing but a joke. Here is my story, I went on holiday and armed my home with Wyze.
I have about 30 cameras, montion detectors and door status sensors.
I have a UPS for my modem and wyze hub. But do you know what failed while i was away?! The hub itself! And they even didn’t bother to send a note to let me know the hub failed. Anyways that cost me a stolen BBQ thanks to wyze.
I have no more faith in WYZE as someone who used their product for 6 years now. Form the time that they were just a smal company.
after research i found out that their hub failing often. Theri security system is easy to penetrate, they had the bad handling of customer data (their famous data breech in 2022). My hub worked for 12 month and 5 days! no waranty and the offered 20$ which i found rediculous and declined.

I have their entire echosystem on ebay for sale and is not selling. I would never recommend WYZE specially their home monitoring which is the worst product ever.