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so my hub decided to quit 2 minutes into a power outage, even though it supposedly has battery backup and my router/internet continued to work as it was on a ups system. Once power was back on the hub still refused to connect. It is wired to router via ethernet cable which tested ok and 3 soft resets resulted in failed to connect. Contacted support and initially was told that I may qualify for a gift card. My hub is 4 months old, purchased directly from the wyze online store, Whats up with this. I have a home monitoring subscription for a year that is useless as they shipped me a defective hub, All I asked for was a working warranty replacement to continue with the paid for subscription yet I may qualify for a gift card instead. What happened to the 1 year warranty? Any body else having issues with not honoring warranty?

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I had a situation like this the other day with a Video doorbell pro, I told the support agent that I would prefer a warranty replacement rather than a gift card and they processed the replacement.

I am not sure why a gift card was offered rather than the warranty replacement for either of our instances.

Do you have a ticket number for the interaction?

Most likely the gift card is of a lesser value than a warranty replacement. Wyze would probably (maybe?) give you a card for the value of the item but you would still need to pay shipping, taxes, etc.

While this may be an option for those items Wyze sells that can simply be reordered.

This is NOT an option for the hub. In no circumstance should Wyze be offering a Gift Card for a Warrantied item wherein the item cannot be purchased on the open market unless that item has been completely discontinued in all markets. That is not the case for the hub.

If Wyze were to make the hub available to be purchased, this might be a suitable alternative to a Warranty Replacement. But they haven’t.

Since the hub may well have been purchased as a component of the bundle and the subscription has already been paid, the right thing for Wyze to do is to ship a Warranty Replacement to get the paid customer back online as quickly as possible.

Well finally talked to a rep who agreed to send me a replacement hub, 4 rep. 1rst offered the gift card, 2nd and 3rd disconnected and 4th offered replacement after I posted comments. No real timeline for delivery yet.


Will you please share/post your Customer Service ticket number? I’d like to try to find out why gift cards are being offered in lieu of warranty replacements and correct the CS action/response.

Were your disconnects from a chat session or phone call? If chat session, were you chatting via the Wyze app or a web browser? Customer Service may be having issues with chat via the Wyze app. If you used the Wyze app to contact Wyze Customer Support and wish to chat again, please open a web browser and follow this link to Support:


Chatting via web browser first time then app 2nd and 3rd.
3213976 is ticket number.
I did finally connect with a rep who finally referred to next tier and recieved an email saying a new hub will be sent out, when? Who knows based on what I’m hearing about the problems with the hub. Will update once I receive tracking notice from wyze.


Thank you! :heart:


I agree with everything you said in your response. I in no way meant to imply what was being offered was the right thing to do. It just seems lately that the first response from support is to offer a gift card, which I suspect saves money vs. sending replacements.


Not directed at your response, so reply wasn’t to you. No worries. I was just using your text to illustrate how Wyze has locked customers out of being able to purchase a dead hub replacement. It has been a topic of discussion for some time. You have experienced that and posted about it previously so we are both in agreement. :+1:

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I have this issue also!
My outdoor hub is no longer reconizing sdcards, so they gave me a gift card, and told me they had no idea when it would come back in stock but to check their social media.

This isn’t how warranty service is supposed to be.
My tickets are -
[Wyze Ticket 3240938]
[Wyze Ticket 3315539]