Wyze Warranty WARNING

I bought a Wyze doorbell 6 months ago, and it’s given me nothing but problems. I’ve had numerous issues including most times in which the app does not connect to the camera, motion detection that works poorly, and videos that rarely play back on my iPhone (error code 6 and 9).

All of this prompted me to reach out to Customer Support in hopes that they would help me get to the bottom of the issue.

A little backstory: I had bought the combo pack which included a floodlight, door lock, and doorbell. Upon checkout, the doorbell was discounted to 0 as the promo for the package which was the reason I bought it in the first place.

TURNS OUT that Wyze will not provide customer support for “promo” items and refuses to help me replace the unit or refund it. The best they can offer on these items is a $20 gift card. So I wanted to make sure I let others know that any promos or discounts are NOT worth it unless you want to give up your warranty. Buyer beware.


I’m wondering if the customer support agent misunderstood the policy.

Also, just to clarify, did you make the purchase through the Wyze website, Amazon, The Home Depot, or where?

Can you post your ticket number from that call?

@carverofchoice The product was purchased directly from the Wyze website and this was escalated to the supervisor, so it definitely wasn’t just an agent misunderstanding. See below:

Wyze Ticket 3020631

this device comes free with the Wyze Lock during one of our sale so we cannot offer the purchase amount of this device because technically this is free. Note that products received without charge as a promotional free item is not covered with our Limited Warranty

I would like to clearly inform you that normally we can offer a replacement or refund, however, there are conditions that you have not to meet and unfortunately, these options (replacement or refund) are not available for your device since your camera is only a free item. Sadly, we can only offer $20 Wyze gift card for you.

Do you have a link or screenshot of the original promotion? Was it for sure presented as being the"Free" item in the bundle, or was it simply a bundle purchase with everything together at a discounted rate?

I am just seeing if there is anything that can be done for you. I’m guessing not, but I am always willing to look for options. I did see this clause in the warranty exclusions:

Products received without charge in a Wyze giveaway or donation, as a promotional free item, or as samples

That is certainly what they are referring to, though I didn’t recall most bundles saying which item is the free one, so I was just hoping there is something that could said from that angle. Just trying to help. :slight_smile:

@carverofchoice Appreciate the help for sure. Attached is the bundle purchase where it shows the item being presented as “free” as a part of their bundle.

This seems like a really shady tactic to avoid providing warranty on some of the items in their bundles. As you can see the sales tactics are being applied to these two bundles that they are actively selling on their website:

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Unfortunately, that does appear to be pretty clear that the Doorbell was labeled as “Free” in that order, and likely qualifies under the warranty exclusions.

I will admit that I do not like this bundle method selecting a specific item as free to not qualify for a warranty, instead of having the overall price of the bundle collection reduced. I am glad that they at least offered you SOMETHING ($20 gift card) instead of just saying there is absolutely nothing they will consider for you. Considering the doorbell is only $34.99 at the moment, and has a Buy with Prime option, that covers most of the cost of a potential replacement (I’m not implying you will buy another one, just that it is nice they did offer that despite the warranty actually saying they won’t cover it at all).

Thanks for letting us know what you found out with the warranty limitations on promotions that make any hardware “free.” I know I convinced my parents to get a Video Doorbell Free after buying a 1yr Cam Plus license during the Black Friday Special, and I wasn’t aware they don’t have a warranty with it until just now. Hopefully they won’t need it.

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It’s a bundle and all the components should be covered by the warranty. You can just as easily argue there is a discount spread across all the items equal to the cost of the one “free” device. Really poor customer relations, but similar to how Wyze handled the V1 sensors.


@carverofchoice The Doorbell + Chime is actually $79.99 Canadian, and because I don’t have prime the total comes out to $90.28 with tax and shipping.

So all in all, the $20 gift card that they’re giving me does not get me far at all.

@WildBill Completely agree with your argument. I have not gotten far with their customer support team but I will continue to press them mainly out of principle. This is extremely shady business practices especially when you see the way they are advertising these “bundles” in the picture below.

Thank you. I also have had it with Wyze.

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Quick update: The issue has been escalated to managers and they are still refusing to budge.

The warning still stands - do NOT purchase bundles unless you are okay not having any warranty

I think that’s poor customer service, but I also wonder if Wyze products have low mark-up, in hopes you buy their subscriptions. …In orher words, the trade-off with wyze is cheap products, less robust warranties. Just my guess.

probably all of the above. Wyze is actually a pretty big company producing lots of computers too.
I had issues with my bell and they sent me a free one which didn’t work either. In the end support and connecting the power to the doorbell really close to the router and it then “connected”

What computers does Wyze produce? Never heard of this.

Yea the best they seem to be able to do is offer a $20 gift card when things go wrong. They keep saying that’s the best they can do for my sense hub that mysteriously stopped working overnight a couple of weeks ago. They don’t seem to ever have it in stock either, except it’s in stock for $99.99 if you buy the starter kit - the $20 isn’t enough to offset the cost of the device by itself which is $34.98 though

OOPs I thought they made some small footprint computers used in offices … I’m wrong!
Here is what I have frequently seen “on the street” https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/wyse-endpoints-and-software/sf/thin-clients


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Confusion is understandable considering how many ways people spell Wyze.

Update: Customer Support has now ghosted me :face_with_head_bandage:

Why am I not surprised that Wyze isn’t taking care of this situation?! Goes to show what kind of company they really are. Shouldn’t matter if the item was free with a bundled purchase, you still support it. They don’t have to give a refund of what the item sells for but they could replace it, since it’s not working correctly. Bad business move Wyze!