I’ve noticed my sense v1 bridge offline quite frequently over the past month. Most recently, I power cycled my cam pan v1 to which the bridge is attached on Monday 05/30. Later that evening, it had gone offline again and quit registering events.

I actually have cam pan & sense bridge cold spares which I decided to deploy earlier this evening. Initially everything came online. However, now I notice that events are no longer registering even with a total hardware refresh. The new-in-box bridge is actually at back level firmware v0.0.0.30 and the update to .33 fails repeatedly.

Is there still lingering trouble with wyze sense overall? The latest entry I see on the known service outages page is from 05/19, so wasn’t sure how many others are experiencing this.

Hey @carverofchoice , @UserCustomerGwen and other mavenfolks,

I am well aware that Wyze sense v2 brings vast stability improvements with it. However, is there a widespread problem with sense v1? Mine has been fantastic for several years but over the past month or so it’s been terrible.

Seems like I encounter trouble, reboot my cam pan carrying the bridge, sensors work as expected once or twice and then they quit. Is sense v1 being stealth deprecated to incentivize folks to purchase v2? I live in a one-bedroom apartment and the v1 product meets my needs perfectly.

I’ve literally removed my bridge and replaced it with a brand new cold spare (after deleting all of my contact sensors) that had never before been used. The behavior persisted there and firmware update to that bridge would not complete to v0.0.0.33 from .30.

Have also replaced the cam pan itself in case it was the culprit.

Lastly, I have deleted all of my contact sensors again and re-created them with different names.

Haven’t seen any mention of protracted trouble here and just wondering what gives all of the sudden? :man_shrugging:t2:

TIA for any insights!

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Sorry to hear of the intermittent connectivity issues with the sense v1. That used to frustrate me a lot.

Do you have any V2 cams, or just Pan Cams?

The reason I ask is that I used to use both with a bridge (I had 2 bridges), and for some reason it had a lot more problems in the pan. Connectivity issues, distance it would connect, sometimes it felt like it overheated the pan. It seemed the pan glitched out a little more often too. Eventually I quit using it on the pan and I found both the pan and the bridge functioned better apart from each other.

So if you do happen to have any V2 cams, I might suggest seeing if it works better for you that way too, as it did in my personal experience.

I have not noticed an increased pattern of people reporting sense v1 issues recently off the top of my head, but I will keep an eye out.

I would not worry too much about the firmware update. I do recall others having this issue (but being able to update to x.33), but it doesn’t add much from x.30 firmware. Basically it lets you control the status light showing or not, and it disables the reset button. Neither of those things would affect your connectivity issues. We could report the firmware updating issue to Wyze in the next fix it Friday since there has been a pattern of that. I’m not sure it would get many votes, but at least we could make sure someone is aware. It could be indicative of another related issue.

I know some others keep a running bridge with some V1 sensors attached just to be able to test and help out or notice if there is a related issue going on, so let me make a call out to @Seapup who I think told me still runs a bridge to help out, and see if any other @Mavens have experienced recent v1 bridge struggles or can reattach their bridges with a sensor or 2 for a couple of days to verify if there’s anything abnormal for them too, it of they have suggestions to try. :+1:

(Of course insight, suggestions, input from other community users is also welcome! Especially any long time users still using the v1 bridges)


I have v1 motion and contact sensors connected to a bridge in a Cam v2. Also have v1 motion and contact sensors connected to Sense Hub. All have been working fine with notifications, log history and events if sensor is set to record an event clip. Not sure what the OP means by “registering an event”.

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Long time no chat, @Seapup !

By this I simply mean that the sensors get into a state where they’re not showing offline, but neither do they register opens & closes. Sensors stay stuck on the last date & time my doors opened & closed before they went AWOL… at which time, they stop seeing subsequent opens & closes until I intervene somehow. This has been happening regularly for over a month now.

EDIT-1: Often, the sense bridge will appear fine but the sensors will do what I described above and simply stop registering opens & closes.

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Not sure what to say. :confused: The only times mine have done that were when the cam was restarted due to firmware upgrade or power outage/cycle and the bridge didn’t sync back up (found the bridge with status light doing the alternating blink thing). Each time that happened, I just pulled the bridge out of the Cam v2, waited a few seconds, pushed back in and waited for the LED to go solid blue and it was back in business.

Slight update here. My sensors & bridge have remained up the past few days after bouncing my 2.4ghz AP. Odd to think that this would somehow be the solution since I have bounced it several times in the past month.

The cloud and I simply are not friends… :man_shrugging:t2:


Yes, very odd. Sensors (v1 and v2) don’t use the 2.4GHz WiFi band. :thinking: But good to hear things are back up and running.

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The sensors certainly don’t connect directly to the 2.4GHz WiFi themselves, but the host cam does. Nearest thing I can think of is that somehow I ended up with a mac/arp/cloud flummox since I joined the same sensors to an entirely different bridge (attached to entirely different cam) a few weeks ago. Reverting back to the original bridge didn’t solve the problem, but maybe there were some stale entries somehow and I finally got the sequence right… :man_shrugging:t2:

It could be these past few days are simply a false lull and it’s all getting ready to crap out again. Really wish we could get to the point of having a home base/DVR type situation where only that device reaches out to the wyze cloud as a single connection… carrying the streams of all associated local devices aggregated onto it.

“The nature of a malfunction is that it is unpredictable.”
-Me, throughout my career of explaining technology to layfolks :smile:

“Technology ain’t perfect (TAP).”
-Also Me. :joy:

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Sorry I missed that. You may be correct as it appears that the v2 doesn’t release “ownership” of the bridge even though you can move it to another cam. I’d imagine the same holds true for the Cam Pan v1.

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Well now that we appear to have this behind us, perhaps you can enlighten me with an easy way to enable FTP in Brocade FOS v9? Trying to send a supportsave bundle and I only get SCP or SFTP options any longer… Lolz.

I seriously need support to be able to send my information to their support… :roll_eyes:


I’m not aware of a way to gracefully remove a sense bridge from the back of a cam via the app. Are you? I guess I kind of felt like once you unplug the thing it’s no longer attached to the cam even though sensors might still be attached to it.

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The problem is that the cam thinks it “owns” the bridge even if physically removed and reinstalled in another cam. It thinks this forever. Even a cam reset didn’t work for me. I had to reflash. :confused:

Beats me. I just load up my personal server, send a link and tell them to download at their leisure. :grin:

You probably already have the docs, but here they are anyway:


Brocade Switch Cookbook

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Lol… Yeah I know FOS pretty well, but I only use it every couple of years for zoning and such. The thing is our existing switches have FTP as an option and I’m thinking they simply made a security change to disable it by default in v9 (current switches are v7.4.2) Can’t find an apparent way to enable FTP in the GUI or by command line. But I have been distracted with our massive datacenter move and probably just need to put a little more effort into it.

These are also hpe rebranded brocades. Support has gone so far downhill across the board… :confused:

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What’s a reflash? Like a firmware blast?

Yes. How to flash your Wyze Cam firmware manually

Roger that. I am familiar with that process, but what is your target firmware level? Do you just reflash it to the same existing level or different level?

I just reflashed to the same latest version. It was a long time ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re now getting stuck at the account level as there is no delete bridge function in the app and no support/updates to old v1 h/w.

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Yeah, to delete my bridge from my account I had to remove the camera it was last attached to, then set the camera back up.

(Verified through a 3rd party API that shows every active device in the Wyze device and associated channel number… Bridge only disappeared from the list after deleting the camera)


I actually did remove the camera entirely as part of this process and the problem persisted on the new cam… :man_shrugging:t2:

Seems to be some stability restored this week after bouncing my 2.4 GHz AP for the umpteenth time. Keeping fingers crossed.


Wyze sense v1 still humming along like normal for me here. The trust is starting to rebuild… :smile:

Off-topic, this is the answer about how to enable ftp within brocade fos v9… Thank you, HPE L2 support :smile::

SW1234:root> configurechassis


cfgload attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no] y

Enforce secure config Upload/Download (yes, y, no, n): [yes] no << ---- Change this value to No

Add Suffix to the uploaded file name (yes, y, no, n): [no]
Do you want to enable auto firmwaresync (yes, y, no, n): [no]

ssl attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]
webtools attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]
Custom attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]
system attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]
fos attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]

Once done, see if the FTP protocol works for you.