Wyze Sense Starter Kit Setup Woes

I am experiencing the exact same issue that you have described with the Sense Starter kit.

My support Ticket ID:43851

Hopefully they get this issue resolved soon.


i have exact same issue. Bridge has solid blue light, but none of the sensors from the kit connect to bridge, Tried in two cameras!!!

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Well, I finally heard back from support.

I made sure to explain in detail that I tried in every one of my cameras, the firmware was all updated, and I factory reset one of my cameras and tried again. I followed every step in troubleshooting.

The response I got back from wyze support? Please try in another camera and if that fails factory reset.

Which I already did and I’m not doing it again.

I have never felt the need to complain about Wyze support (they’ve always been super helpful in the past) but this time I’m a little irritated like they didn’t even read the steps I’ve already taken. I just want sensors that work. I didn’t think it was too much to ask.

Sorry to hear. :man_facepalming:

Do you have a support ticket number? If you do, post it here and let Gwendolyn look into it for you.



Yeah I posted it in one of my comments above.


I’ll send this to the team as an opportunity for improvement. Sorry for the trouble, @towelkingdom!


@WyzeGwendolyn they’re supposed to be sending me a new starter kit. I don’t recall getting a shipping confirmation, though, is it possible for you to check on that?

Aside from that slight hiccup, I really can’t complain. Thanks!



So… Apparently the email I tried sending back with the confirmation and my address was stuck in my outbox and not sent. I re-sent it yesterday (and I confirmed it left the outbox this time).


@WyzeGwendolyn I haven’t heard back after my most recent email confirming my address. It’s been a couple of days, thought I’d reach out to see if the replacements have been ordered/shipped.

I will see if I can direct @WyzeGwendolyn this direction, I know they have been busy.


Thanks @WyzeJasonJ!


@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeGwendolyn

Got a confirmation shipping email a few minutes ago.

Can’t thank y’all enough! Hopefully these sensors will be able to be set up.


Glad it got straightened out


Got the replacements today. They sent me a total of 8 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor.

Guess what?

None of them connect.

They did not send me a new bridge, I assume, because for all intents and purposes it’s showing that it is functional (solid blue light and appears when trying to connect sensors).

What is WRONG with these sensors??? Do I have to put them on top of the camera to be close enough? I have tried from differing distances hoping that was the issue. But no go.

I was hoping at least 2 of the 8 they sent me would work. At this point I’m suspecting the issue is something in the software or hardware that Wyze is not addressing or acknowledging with the sheer number of people citing these failed connections.

I love Wyze, but man this is kinda starting to make me super mad.

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Understandably so and we’re sorry to hear this! Please update your support ticket with this information. We’re sorry that the new sensors didn’t help.


I have replied to the support email.

Perhaps I need a new bridge after all. Just disappointing as I was hoping to have them set up before I went out of town.

Yeah, we’re really sorry about that timing. :frowning:

It is what it is. Was hoping to have the motion sensor and contact sensors for the lights when we have someone come to look in on the cats and check on the house rather than explain to them how to turn on the lights with Alexa. :joy:

Not a huge deal, but was excited to show off my automated house.

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Aw, man. Now I feel even worse! I totally get the joy of showing off the smart home. :joy:


Hi Gwendolyn,
all of a sudden I was having the same problems described above & in another post towelkingdom referred to , cant connect any new sensors to any of my cameras/bridges.
I have a lot of cameras & sensors, so i dont think they all could be bad. I suspect it is something on the wyze server side or something affecting just our accounts.
i havent logged a ticket yet, as i was going around the forums first to gather related info & found this thread.

and my post on this with details: A limit of number of contact sensors per account, have i reached it?