Wyze Sense sensors now live on Alexa

Love it. I just convert everything I had on IFTTT (except Hue) over to Alexa. Nearly instant responses. Only had one “miss” so far. A miss is when a contact sensor closes but the indicator LED is still lit. I think that is caused by someone opening and closing the door very fast. Not sure.

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Ok I will tinker with them again over the weekend.

The closest thing to what you need would be to program Alexa to play a playlist of songs or sounds on a nearby Echo Dot when the door is open and stop when the door closes. Hopefully someone will hear that the door is not closed and fix the problem.

I set a routine for , front door opens, ,suppress for 30 minutes, say" shut the damn door" play on Living room dot


Just tried setting up a routine and it says my sensor device is not supported.

You’ll need to disable the skill and re-enable it. See directions here.


Very nice, I did not know you could do this with the contact sensors in Alexa. I set up a routine in Alexa to announce that someone has opened my garage door and also a routine to announce that someone is at the front door when they ring the doorbell.

Any update on this. I too would love this feature as that is the main reason I bought it

Wyze sense is fully supported by Alexa. Is that what you were wondering?

I am wondering if there is away for alexa to announce that the door was not closed after x minutes of being opened

Not via Alexa yet. Alexa can announce or take action on a door open or close event, but currently open duration events are not supported as far as I know.

While Alexa does not currently support that the rules engine in the Wyze app does.

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I have been trying and trying to do this, but keep getting the same “Error. This device is not currently supported.” as @korth87 above.

My iOS software, wyze app, alexa app, and camera firmwares are all updated. I’ve tried disabling and reenabling the wyze skill. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the skill. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the Sense devices in both Alexa and Wyze.

I CAN see the status of the Sense device (open, close, motion) in Alexa. But when I create a Routine, I select “when this happens”, then Smart Home, then the Sense device, and immediately that error pops up.

Any help or suggestions?

What type of device is it you are adding? A contact sensor or a motion sensor?

You said you can see the devices in Alexa’s device list, if you select one there it should show you it’s status?

If all of that is working fine you may need to open a support ticket with Wyze. I just tried your steps with a Wyze Contact sensor and it worked with no error so that’s why I think you need tech support.

Although before that make sure the firmware on your Sense Bridge is also up to date.

Thank you for the reply and trying it for me. Camera and Bridge firmware are up to date. I’ve tried it with both contact and motion sensor, both show their status in Alexa app (open, closed, motion, no motion), but both give the same error when trying to add to a Routine.

I would love more suggestions here, but I will look into the support line also. Thank you.

Someone else may have an idea. Only things I can think of are maybe force closing the Alexa and Wyze apps and then restarting your phone.

Or the good old nuclear option. Force close the apps unplug all cameras restart your router then your phone then plug your cameras back in.

I see that some documentation that says, “The Wyze skill is compatible with the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and more.” Of course those devices all have screens, which would be necessary for Wyze cameras, but are they necessary for Sense support? I don’t have those devices, I am using a new iPhone with the Alexa App, and an Echo Dot3.

For cameras you are correct you need a screen. But for using the sensors in a routine you should not need one of those devices. But I honestly can’t say for sure as I have 2 Echo Shows and a Spot and FireTV’s. We would need to find someone that also does not have any Echo devices with screens to be sure.

Update: I tried over the course of about an hour, now I just came back to it 12 hours later (nothing changed) and it’s working! Strange.

My routine is now letting me know when the front screen door opens. Asking Alexa if the front door is open (or closed) doesn’t give any response, which I thought was possible, but less important than the Routine which is now working.

I am glad to hear the routines are functional now for you. My own Alexa has not been able to tell me the status of Ring or Wyze contact sensors for a few days. In fact she does not say anything when asked. This leads me to believe there is a back end issue they are working on.

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Have you submitted a ticket related to the sensor status not working with Alexa any more?