Wyze Sense Packaging Feedback

I received my Wyze Sense Expansion kits a few days after ordering. That’s great considering there was probably an initial rush of orders. They arrived in a small cardboard box unlike the starter kits that were just in a small padded envelope. The Expansion kit boxes are nice and small designed to fit the contents.

My only complaint is the shipping box was larger than the Expansion kit boxes inside and there was no type of packing material in the box. There was room for the boxes inside to move around during shipping. Everything seems to be working fine so far. But it would be nice to at least include some type of padding or even just some crumbled up paper in the top of the box to help keep things from moving around and possibly prevent damage during shipping. Considering there is a S/H charge, that seems like a reasonable thing to expect.

Just curious if anyone else had similar packaging experiences? Maybe the solution is just to order enough sensors to fill the box next time :slight_smile:

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