Can we talk about the amazing packaging of Wyze products!

I just had to say something about Wyze’s packaging of their products!! I love how things are packaged by this company. I just received the home monitoring starter kit for Christmas and the packaging of it was amazing like most of their products. Everything had tabs to pull open different things in the package and individual items were boxed and bagged so you could tell they were new. Each little box has little features to open it or some have finger position cutouts to help you grasp them better. I can’t remember all the details, but I just wanted to give kudos to the team for their mechanical packaging engineers! This is an overlooked thing with a lot of products and it really makes a difference in my opinion! To have such great packaging with low priced products just shows me that they aren’t cutting corners just to make things cheap.

What does everyone else think??


Well, speaking about the v2 cam, it is nice. A rock solid little cube swaddled in a superthin foam bag with a no-scratch plastic film over the lens, sub-boxed.

There’s a shortthick rubber band that holds the never-to-be-coiled-this-way-again usb power cord in its compact virgin state and the little metal mounting plate has heft ready to mate with the foam adhesive strip which I would never use personally but understand some prefer for a quick stick.

The power cord is sub-boxed with its power brick buddy and they are tight and happy bunkmates from what I can tell.

I must admit I’ve thought mostly about how much of the assembly of this packaging is automatable and how much still requires the touch of deft and human hands.

And stuff that implies. :slight_smile:

As opposed to some products that damn near take a machette and pliers to get the sealed plastic to open, yes, you are right that the Wyze packaging is far better.

First use of this word on the forum (I did check!) :clap: :wink:

Even if I had spelled it right the first time. Still the first use of machete…

I was super impressed when I opened my four pack of v1 sense motion sensors, it was beautiful. I didn’t want to take any of them out.

Edit/ originally stated v2, I meant v1, changed.

Well, now I want pictures.   :slight_smile:

One day returning to our car in the lot of a Trader Joe’s, I looked down into the large open rectangle as I loaded it into the trunk.

‘Artless,’ I muttered.

A young Asian woman walked by and said, ‘I was just thinking the same thing myself.’

A bird chirped.