When can we order the WYZE SENSE Accessory group?

Ok, on a leap of faith, hoping that WYZE Sense will work with my trusty, old (really old) iPHONE 5c … I ordered WYZE sense via Early Access as soon as we could.

But I saw in the video that there was going to be an “accessory pack” of four sensors and one motion detector.

I’m eager to “early order” one of those also.

Because even though I’m holding down the bottom of the iphone compatibility scale with my 5C, I’ve come up with a bunch more “needs” for additional sensors.

FYI … my wife is constantly telling me to update my phone, but hey, it still works … (but if WYZE stuff quits working with my trusty old phone, I’d update my phone in a heartbeat).

Anybody know when we might be able to order additional sensors and motion detectors?

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You can order those packages directly from wyze or from the main menu of your Wyse app. I have already ordered several sets in their scheduled to be delivered in April

Hi usa1000!

I only see the Wyze Sense Starter kit available in the app. Wyze will be offering an Expansion kit bundle of 4 extra contact sensors and/or one motion detector (based on what I think I saw in the introductory video). I want to order extra sensors and detectors as soon as that option is available.

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I ordered three complete sets consisting of one motion sensor and 2 contact sensors. I did not see any place where I could order just expansion sensors

Sorry, I have not yet seen any area to order the expansion sensors, only the pir plus 2 contacts

Expansion kits are coming May 8th according to an email I’ve just received from Wyze :smiley: