Wyze Sense no longer what it was meant to be

From the beginning of Wyze I’ve been a huge advocater for the company. $25 camera that can detect people along with sensors that detect motion or when a window is opened sign me up. I absolutely adore Wyze. I have multiple cameras, sensors and their Wyze Scale. I also recommend them to my clients looking for home security. However for the past few months I have done the unthinkable and actually question my reliance on one company I truly hope can turn around.
I use the Wyze system as a means of home security so I may keep an eye on my home at all times. I had an incident where someone actually walked into my home and no one knew until I heard the door shut on their way out. For that reason I purchase more cameras and the Wyze Sense kit, to keep eyes and ears on my doors. However it appears to be much more frequently that the door sensors no longer respond to the doors opening nor the cameras capturing when such events happen. At first I was told and completely understand that there were faults in the AWS systems and they’d be resolved quickly. But now this seems to happen on a weekly basis and my clients share the same concerns. I really want Wyze, as a company to work out. No other company could ever offer the same services/devices at such an attractive rate.
If anyone has experienced these issues and found a workaround please let me know. I’ve literally made my family’s safety rely on this setup.


Thanks for your post. I have no argument with your statement of the issues-many folks including myself have been having similar problems.
I do want to point out that Wyze does not sell their products as home security devices.

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Was the door locked?

That’s such a cop out.
If they don’t work…they’re worthless. No matter how you slice it.

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