Wyze Sense in Amazon

So, when will be Wyze Sense devices available on Wyze Labs shop in Amazon?? Until now only the cams and accessories are available there.


The cams are also available at Home Depot for the same price as the ones on Amazon.

If you read my post you’ll find out that I’m looking for Wyze Sense, no Wyze Cams.

And…Not same price in Home Depot than in Amazon, btw.


They are $25.98 at my home depot store. Amazon is selling them for $25.99. So your right they are not the same price, they are 1 cent cheaper at home depot. I’m sure they will start selling them on Amazon along with the bulbs later this summer.

Thank you Scoop. Lets wait for the summer then.

About the cams I was speaking of the one’s at $34.97 which are the only ones in stock. The $25.96 ones are out of stock long ago.



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                26/05/19, 08:05:20

The V2’s are still in stock at my store, as I just bought 2 of them last Monday. The only other ones are the pan cams and the price for them is $37.98 which is still within the cost of Amazon’s price. Anyway, good luck mate.

Any update regarding sense on Amazon?
I would like to order it but only the sense. I have many cams. Do not need more.

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