Local store for wyze products

Hi all , I am in Canada and travelling to USA next week . I am planing to buy wyze cameras from Home Depot . And want to know what other stores sells wyze products other than cams ? Like wyze sense , bulbs , plug and wall mount kits ?
Amazon sells wallmount brackets , similar I want to buy from local store in USA . Please advise .

Hey @nil279

Currently, Home Depot and Amazon are the only two authorized retailers that sell Wyze products in USA. If you have family in the USA, consider ordering from Wyze or Amazon and ship to their US address.

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Thanks , what about wall mount brackets ? I saw only amazon (us/can) sells . Any local store in USA ?

It took a little bit, but I found it , Micro Center .
I don’t know if they have one where your going or not

Thank you everyone for your inputs . For cams , One of the Home Depot store near Scranton matches the price and in buffalo Home Depot didn’t . So it’s depends on our luck and the time . However I couldn’t find any local store sells wall mounts . Thanks

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Are there any physical stores in the US that sell the Wyze Sense sensors (contact / motion) ?
Because the shipping costs are much too high when you only need a couple sensors :neutral_face:

Home Depot sells a combo package with the Wyze Cam v2 and the Sense Starter pack. However, they don’t have the sensors on their own.

I understand what you mean about shipping costs. I bought some sensors during Wyzeday due to this. I will have to wait until another sale occurs to buy more if I need them.

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Micro Center .
I don’t know if they have one in your area or not

I’m not sure if there are any physical stores that sell the Wyze Sensors only (although you can sometimes find it bundle with the cam at Home Depot)


If you’re holding off, hoping to find it cheaper at a physical store, don’t. The website is always the cheapest way to go, aside from maybe finding a deal on eBay. On the website, if you buy multiple things, you’ll save a bit on shipping. (Though not a lot.)

But if you buy through Home Depot or Amazon or any of their resellers, the MSRP through those retailers is equal to a single product’s base price plus shipping through the website. The $20 camera is really a $25.98 camera, since that’s the cheapest you can actually buy it anywhere. You’re going to see the same thing with the sensors, etc.