Wyze Sense Hub Save/Restore Attached Sensors

I was disappointed to find out pressing the reset switch on the rear of the Sense Hub cleared out the table of sensors causing me to manually reset every one, Several require a ladder to access. Normally devices use this type of switch for a reboot or power cycle reset and not a reset-to-factory action. At the very least it should be a long-press to clear all the configuration.

This would not be a problem if users could save the configuration and restore it after a reset.


Please make sure you vote for your wish item as the system does not add your vote automatically.

Also: You can do a software reset which will not remove the attached sensors or devices. Here is a link to a post: Hub is offline. Please Reconnect - Services & Integrations - Wyze Forum

But I think this is a good idea, as it will allow for backing up the hub and devices.

I could have sworn I had a wishlist item for this. Either way I have been through this pain myself and voted. Now give me 100 more votes :smile:


I thought so as well, but did not find it. If you do, let me know and I will move it to that Wish Item

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